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What Are Private Proxy? Know in Detail with This Guide


A web proxy is a technology that redirects user traffic and online requests to a proxy server in another location. As a consequence of the rerouting, the IP address linked to a connection request changes to the proxy server's address. Put another way, the connection is seen by the website or app's target servers as coming from the proxy server's location rather than the user. 

This little variation in user traffic identification benefits online activities. First, it may assist users in accessing online resources even when access is prohibited for their original IP addresses. 

Despite the numerous benefits of proxies, they do come with their own set of drawbacks, including performance and security concerns. However, private proxies effectively address these issues, providing a secure and reliable solution for your online activities. Read on to discover more about private proxies, the limitations of traditional proxies, and how a reputable private proxy can significantly enhance your online experience. 

What Is a Private Proxy?

Comparing a private proxy to a conventional web proxy, it is "private." Nonetheless, the following basic concepts and understandings are required to comprehend it. 

Public Relay

Because proxy service providers let customers choose from an accessible pool of IP addresses, the most basic kind of proxy that was previously established is a public proxy. As a result, anybody may use the IP addresses as required. There is often no user limit for public proxies, which are free of charge. As a result, they could be more active, and interferences from other users' activities may cause dependability or security problems. 

Combined Proxy

A shared proxy outperforms a public proxy by limiting the number of users that may utilize an IP address at once. Thus, it is less vulnerable to problems with dependability and security. Furthermore, shared proxies are often offered at a reasonable cost by a proxy provider, who also has a mechanism in place to update and manage them. 


Exclusive Relay

Some providers may refer to a private proxy as a dedicated proxy or premium proxy. Only the individual who purchases them is eligible to use this kind of proxy. For as long as their purchase is valid, this person may connect from the unique IP address without running the danger of other users interfering with their activities. Private proxies are thus helpful for safe online activity and the transfer of sensitive data. They should cost more money than shared proxies. 

Apart from the confidentiality that their uniqueness bestows upon their customers, proxy providers also ensure that private proxies use the safest protocols. Therefore, it is relatively uncommon for an HTTP or SOCKSS proxy to be assigned to a private or dedicated proxy. 

A SOCKS5 proxy operates at Layer 4, or the transport layer, in the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) architecture. It lacks built-in encryption, but it operates more efficiently and with lower latency than HTTP proxies. This efficiency makes private proxies, especially SOCKS5 proxies, a valuable tool for your online activities. 

In contrast, HTTP proxies manage Layer 7, or the OSI model's application layer. What distinguishes HTTPS from HTTP protocols is that an HTTP proxy prioritizes encrypted data transfer.

Private proxies are appropriate for the following tasks because of their built-in security:

Data Gathering and Web Scraping

When it comes to web scraping, private proxies offer a significant advantage. They allow you to browse websites without the risk of other users' actions affecting your access. Unless you violate the website's terms of service or compromise the IP address, you can't be blocked. This is a boon for retail companies using private proxies to gather information about their competitors and conduct market research.

Tracking and Analyzing SEO

In this context, private proxies are even more crucial. An SEO specialist may be required to visit hundreds of websites monthly. The ideal proxy for the job is a private one with no past activities or active IP prohibitions. These experts may visit any website and quickly gather information on keywords, backlinks, and other pertinent details. 

Ad Validation

Private proxies are a valuable tool for advertisers to keep an eye on and confirm their adverts' positioning, content, and exposure on many websites and in various locations—platforms to guarantee that they are appropriately presented and reach the target audience.  

Establishing and Maintaining Long-Term Accounts

Some systems, such as social networking sites and freelancer markets, may limit users to one account and utilize IP-based detection to enforce it. Private proxies provide the possibility of long-term IP address exclusivity, which may enable qualified specialists to circumvent these limitations. Social media administrators, for instance, have the option to buy fresh private proxies for each account they oversee on the same network.

Private proxies have several other applications. However, it's crucial to remember that not every private proxy can be trusted. A user's demands, the kind of private proxy, and the proxy provider all influence appropriateness and dependability. 

Different Types of Private Proxy 


Dedicated Proxies

A dedicated proxy is a private proxy that the proxy vendor or provider gives to only one user. Put otherwise, a proxy that is devoted to a buyer prevents any other user from connecting using that IP address. These proxies are thus more secure. Furthermore, they are speedier and more dependable than shared proxies due to their relative absence of conflicting traffic. 

Depending on which service you choose, these proxies may be known by various names that indicate higher quality, such as premium proxies. They are ideal for tasks needing higher levels of speed and security, such as social media account management, business communications, and access control. 

Proxies for Dedicated Datacenters

Dedicated proxies are a general term. There are further, more focused categories of private proxies within that classification. Dedicated data center proxies are one kind of these. A dedicated data center proxy utilizes IP addresses linked to servers housed off of server farms instead of using residential IP addresses. Because of the server farm or data center configuration, these proxies are often fast, private, and efficient. However, websites and applications may readily identify them because they don't have the finest anonymity available. 

Dedicated Residential Proxies


Dedicated residential proxies, in contrast, use IP addresses from internet service providers (ISPs) rather than servers in a data center. This means their origin locations are actual home addresses, which gives them the privacy of a dedicated proxy and the elite anonymity of a residential IP address. 

Certain operators also refer to dedicated residential proxies as premium static residential proxies, static residential proxies, ISP proxies, and static ISP proxies. The attributes that set dedicated residential proxies apart, regardless of how vendors advertise them, make them perfect for jobs needing a high degree of trust and secrecy. Data scraping is one example of such work. 

Sadly, since the proxies are residential, they are vulnerable to the inconsistent behavior and poor performance of the ISPs that provide their addresses. Put otherwise, they may take more time. They could have frequent hiccups and outages, or their performance might vary. 

Semi-dedicated Private Proxies with Restricted Sharing

The intermediaries between private and public proxies are semi-dedicated proxies, which are sometimes referred to as limitedly shared proxies. These proxies are not offered in a pool that is accessible to all users, nor are they devoted to a particular user. Rather, they are accessible to a limited group of people who can utilize them at the same time. 

They provide a compromise between pricing, performance, and security, but because of their nature, they cannot give the same degree of privacy and security. Furthermore, they may be used for safe group projects that don't need exceptional speed but might use the extra security that comes with private proxies. Similarly, they provide more affordable options for those seeking private proxies than dedicated data centers and residential proxies. 


Free Private Proxies

Free private proxies are just that –free –as the name suggests. Although it's an appealing substitute, it has several serious problems. First, improper upkeep might result in proxies that are much slower and less reliable than poorly compensated private proxies. Furthermore, the proxy's creators may design them with evil intent in mind, such as infecting computers with malware and gathering user information, among other things. The lack of a brand to engage with or a reputation to safeguard is the root cause of problems with free private proxies. Nevertheless, trustworthy, free private proxies could be available. These are the exceptions, not the rule, however. 

What Qualities Make Private Proxies Unique?

Like any other proxy, a private proxy reroutes traffic and web requests. In contrast to public proxies, better performance and security are guaranteed when doing so. The following are some characteristics of private proxies that make them unique: 

IP Addresses That Are Dedicated

Private proxies assign IP addresses to users instead of letting them choose from a list of publicly accessible addresses, as several kinds of private proxies have shown. These addresses might be shared by a smaller number of users or devoted to a single user. Either way, since there are fewer users, they function better and are safer than open proxies. 

Untainted Access

One issue with proxies that are made public is that user activity might conflict with one another. For instance, a website's decision to prohibit an IP address due to a prior user's activities may have an impact on a subsequent user's attempts to scrape data from the site. Since just one person uses private proxies, they do not have the same issues. The tiny group, even with sparsely shared desiccated proxies, at least lessens the chance that such an event would occur. 

Enhanced Safety

A private proxy has a straightforward security benefit. As long as another user's actions do not compromise the reputation of your proxy, you are safe from the security ramifications of any illicit conduct they may engage in. 


Quicker Links

Private proxies are not shared by users with other users (unless they are restrictedly shared dedicated proxies). As a result, users are free to use the proxy's available bandwidth. Because there are fewer people to generate congestion, connections, and downloads are quicker. Proxy servers are suited for bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming, online gaming, large-scale data scraping, etc., because of this functionality. 

Increased Dependability in Performance

An additional benefit of fewer users is improved proxy performance. Most proxy providers back up their "premium proxy" designation by hosting private proxies on fast servers. 

Extended Use

Users can only sometimes ensure connections from a stable IP address when using public proxy pools, mainly when the connection is established for an extended length of time. Private proxies are ideal for communication and access control applications because they enable the prolonged use of a single IP address. 

How Do Proxy Servers Operate Privately?

All proxy servers operate in much the same manner. This is an explanation of the operation of private proxy servers.

A Request to View or Access a Website Is Sent by the User.

In technical terms, submitting a request to a website is equivalent to trying to access a website by entering its URL. This RequestRequest targets the destination server of the website you want to visit. 

The Secret Proxy receives the RequestRequest.

The RequestRequest meant for the website is intercepted by the proxy, which then reroutes it via its server. Consequently, the destination server sees the incoming traffic as coming from the proxy server instead of the user's actual location. 


The Webpage Responds to the Private Proxy Server.

The proxy server is also used to reverse-transfer and reverse-transmit replies from the site's destination server. Because connecting to and interacting with websites looks to be the same procedure no matter what, the proxy mediates surfing on the user's device surreptitiously. 

How to Construct a Custom Proxy Server

The procedure needed to configure a private proxy server is often specific to the device's operating system. As a result, an iOS device and a Windows device have distinct setups. Nevertheless, there are some parallels between them, and this is a streamlined method for configuring a private proxy server on any device:

  • Choose a Supplier of Private Proxies. The perfect supplier should be able to satisfy your demands, match your budget, and provide a service that is compatible with your device and operating system. 
  • Select a Server. Providers let potential customers choose the server they want to buy based on the kind of proxy they want. Select one that is appropriate for your activity in terms of geography and buy a quantity that meets your requirements. 
  • After installing the necessary proxy software, configure your device. Operating systems differ in how they configure devices, but in general, you need to visit the network settings and enter the proxy server information in the relevant boxes. 
  • Test and observe them prior to entrusting them with increasingly important duties. Users use a few websites and programs to find out their internet connection's IP address. As an alternative, you may attempt to gain access to materials or information that would be difficult to find otherwise. Nevertheless, the latter approach is unable to verify the proxy server's location since it lacks a location indication. 

Top  Private Proxy Services in 2024

Now prepare for our list of the top 2024 suppliers of private proxy servers. We have chosen a few of the most well-known brands in the business, names that have gained the confidence of proxy users worldwide and have shown exceptional private server performance. Some names, such as SOAX, IPRoyal, Netnut, and Proxyempire, were omitted from the list but should still be included here. 


More than 10 years ago, PrivateProxy began as a supplier of quality private proxies. Thus far, the organization has expanded its range of services to include everything linked to proxies. IPs are available for all of the most in-demand use cases in the market. With a staff of account managers available around the clock to provide advice on the finest residential proxies and other alternatives for your personal or corporate requirements, the firm is well-known for its industrial standards in tech support. 

The supplier manually tests every proxy it promotes before releasing it to end customers for deployment. You will immediately get a proxy dashboard with an easy-to-use interface for tracking and initiating your IPs as you make your order. This is where you can see the bandwidth use and change the private datacenter rotating proxies' rotational settings. 

The nice part about PrivateProxy is that should you grow your scraping operation, your account manager will always be only one click away from switching or improving your pool of IPs. ISP (private) proxies may be purchased for $5 per month for one static residential IP address (you can get 10 IP addresses for $50 per month). 

In conclusion, this is an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals who want a customized approach to proxying. 

Bright Data

One of the biggest providers of private proxies, Bright Data (previously known as Luminati), offers over 70,000 IPs that you may access as servers or using the company's APIs (or other well-defined SaaS solutions). Automatic IP shifting while scraping ensures 100% uptime of your connection and guarantees your proxy performance. 

You may configure your rotation and proxy management settings using the proxy manager in the user's profile. Bright Data offers ISP proxies that scrape data with remarkable speed and dependability.

Bright Data offers a customizable pricing plan with a starting price of $10.05 for each gigabyte of data. However, you won't be able to acquire all kinds of helpful things for free, such as city targeting, additional domains, and limitless traffic choices. 

In conclusion, this is among the most significant choices for huge business customers who want massive proxy pools. 


Regarding network scale, Oxylabs is the undisputed leader in the world of ISP proxies. With more than 2 million ISP IPs in its pools, Oxylabs consumers have more options when it comes to IP rotation. It's surprising that the provider doesn't have self-service profiles; instead, the account managers provide access to ISP proxies. Another fantastic feature is access to proxy-powered APIs and scraping tools you can utilize after receiving the necessary training from scraping professionals. 

Regarding the cost, it could not be affordable for a business with a little proxy budget. The pricing structure, which starts at $1.8 per IP for 100 or more, makes it evident that Oxylabs is more interested in working with major corporate customers with a voracious hunger for scraping.   

In summary, the market leader in ISP network capacity offers corporate customers tailored pricing options. 



An excellent example of a middle-range proxy provider with an internal solid infrastructure and diligent tech support is Rayobyte. Hand-selected ISP IPs are part of the provider's own network that it runs for its client. Additionally, if an issue arises, the IPs are switched around until you are satisfied with how they work. Most proxy-related features may be managed and seen via the provider's dashboard, and round-the-clock technical assistance is provided. 

The firm's pricing strategy is less flexible than that of other suppliers; the cost per IP will not change up to about a thousand IPs (around $2.5 per ISP proxy). The supplier offers a two-day trial period, which is advantageous when using more expensive proxies. 

In conclusion, this is a smart option for businesses of all sizes searching for IPS proxies in certain regions. 


The best resource for finding US-based ISP proxies is Smartproxy. But only if you are okay with working in an entirely self-serve setting. To begin, register here and choose a proxy plan for as many IP addresses as required. The company offers a wide selection of proxy management tools, and its subscriptions have limitless thread and bandwidth possibilities. 

Regarding the payment schedule, you may begin with a small number of IPs (at around $2.50 each) and expand to a pool that will satisfy your requirements. With comparatively fast average download rates, Smartproxy supports both HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. There is also a free trial that offers two weeks of testing. 

In conclusion, this company offers US-based proxies for one of the cheapest prices and has an excellent self-service website.


A private proxy is easy to use and safe. Your personal information will be secure, and you may browse the web anonymously in no time with the help of a reliable proxy provider and exceptional customer support. Online hazards are always there, but they may all be reduced with careful consideration and investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does private proxy do?

A private proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic.

Is private proxy safe?

Private proxies can be safe if they are reputable and use proper encryption. However, they may not provide the same level of privacy and security as a VPN.

What does proxy mean in data?

In data, a proxy is an intermediary server that acts on behalf of a client to access resources on the internet.

What is private VPN proxy?

A private VPN proxy combines the features of a private proxy and a virtual private network (VPN), providing an additional layer of privacy and security.

Is proxy good or bad?

Proxies can be both good and bad - they can protect your privacy but can also be used for malicious purposes like bypassing restrictions or hiding illegal activities.

Is it illegal to use proxy?

Using a proxy is generally not illegal, but the legality depends on how the proxy is being used. Using a proxy to access restricted content or engage in illegal activities would be considered unlawful.

Which is safer VPN or proxy?

Generally, a VPN is considered safer than a proxy as it provides end-to-end encryption and better overall privacy protection. VPNs are more secure than proxies for most use cases.

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