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full stack developer | Jul 2022

Which One to Choose: MEAN Stack or MERN Stack?

Over the past ten years, the development of application stacks has reached a completely new level. There are two sides to any online platform we see on the Internet: One is the frontend, which consists of the web design and interface and is a visualization of data that the user sees.

Mobile apps development | Jun 2022

Tips to make Android App development Quicker in 2022!

A speedy time-to-market app can make all the difference in a market with fierce competition. An app that takes a very long time to develop and release may ail even before it is released.

Augmented Reality | Mar 2022

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning frenzy has overtaken the company sector within the last year. Machine learning is described as a neighborhood of engineering science that uses massive data sets and training methods to "give computers the flexibility to find out without being explicitly done," in step with Arthur Samuel, the pc scientist who prepared the phrase half a century ago.

Taxi Solution | Feb 2022

Guide on Taxi App Development: Everything You Need To Know

The usage of smartphone applications for various day-to-day chores has increased as technology has advanced, and people's access to the web has increased. Similarly, commuting has become substantially easier than previously because of the widespread availability of taxi booking applications within the app stores.

WEB PORTAL | May 2021

The upcoming Magento development trends in 2021

Several eCommerce industries have to experience lots of innovation in the current scenario. The popularity is fuelled by a customer that mainly instructs the enhanced requirement of the customer in order to provide a better experience.

WEB PORTAL | Apr 2020

Driving strategic cost optimization

COVID-19 has a great impact on the ramification of economic or financial aspects all over the world from raw materials supplies to products finishing.

Mobile apps development | Jul 2019

How messaging apps change the way we communicate

Messaging apps aren't Merely Functioning the Purpose of preserving in contact, however a sea shift has come to this particular trend. Gone is the day of this individual to a single conversation scenarios that was evident from the plain text messaging age, nobody may initiate a private communication and participate in a group chat with pals, family members or office colleagues.

Taxi Solution | Jun 2019

How to calculate the cost to develop an app like Uber?

Looking to build an app like Uber App cab services? To go forward with the idea, it is essential to know what made Uber app click and about it’s quick to market strategy that propelled it to become the leading taxi hailing service.

Mobile App Development | Jun 2019

What Is New In Angular 8.0

Even the Much awaited and spoke regarding Angular 8.0 along with Ivy Renderer are now from this cupboard. Though it truly is advised that the launch was March it improved into April last but not least emerged at the close of mighty 2019.

Mobile apps development | May 2019

cost to make Food Delivery App like UberEats or Grubhub

In this blog we are here to know about cost to develop Food Delivery App like UberEats or Grubhub. Read full blog for more info.

Mobile App Development | May 2019

Cost Estimation for Developing an App like OYO Rooms

Since its inception in 2013, the app like OYO Rooms brought a sea change to the lives of people entering into a new city or country. It became the bridge between people searching for a suitable accommodation to spend the night or days and hotels & guest room providers in India along with nearly 600 cities of the world where OYO Rooms has an appreciable presence.


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Well done!! Mtoag did a good job on this project. They managed to bring out some very good results and solved the bugs on estimated time. We got stuck with some minor bug fixing issues, changes in UI design but this got fixed in a very short span of time which clearly posses they have very good technical skills. Keep it up!

Jim Carroll

After evaluating and reviewing multiple app development companies, I found that MTOAG best understood my mobile app updates and bug fixing related issues. They worked to schedule and met my deadline as well as provided quality work. They were in contact with me on a regular basis and always replied to my questions promptly. At last I must say Thank you MTOAG!!!!

Volker Schonfeld

I must say working with Mtoag & his team has been a pleasure. They took some wrecked code done by an earlier firm, streamlined it, & added some improvements. The site is more professional and faster! Great Job! They get the job done and they do good work.

Saman Shareef

Good Team of website development, They know how to design and build things in a nice, elegant way.They're creative. They take a very methodical approach to design and development.

Martin Dale

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