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The Future is Here: Discovering the Potential of Spacetop G1


Are you ready to be amazed by the future of technology? Brace yourself for the world's first Augmented Reality (AR) laptop, the revolutionary Spacetop G1!

With Spacetop G1, Computing is elevated to a whole new level. It offers access to an expansive virtual workplace that transcends the limitations of a conventional screen. 

Bid farewell to the confines of physical displays and prepare to fully immerse yourself in a primarily digital world and always with you. This blog will examine its features, advantages, accessibility, and cost. 

What is the Spacetop G1?

The Spacetop G1 is not just another gadget; it's a game-changer in computer communication. This innovative laptop, brought to you by Sightful, is the world's first Augmented Reality (AR) laptop, offering a unique and immersive computing experience. 

With the Spacetop G1, an expansive virtual workplace is projected directly in front of your eyes via augmented reality glasses, eliminating the need for a conventional screen. 

Picture this: you have the power to transport a massive 100-inch screen to any location you desire. With the Spacetop G1, you can work, browse the internet, or even play games in a vast and immersive virtual world, all without being tied down to a physical desk or display. 

The Spacetop G1 transforms how we work, play, and engage with digital content by enabling you to experience mobile Computing like never before. 

Aspects of the Spaetop G1

The Spacetop G1 is more than simply an innovative augmented reality display. It has many unique features that will improve your productivity and user experience in general. Let's investigate more closely:

Virtual Panel

  • Imagine standing in front of a vast 1-inch screen. The Spacetop G1 creates virtual work areas comparable to a gorgeous 100-inch screen. 
  • Get rid of those little laptop displays! In this sizeable virtual environment, you can easily multitask, keeping several windows open without feeling crowded. 


  • The Spacetop G1 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 processor, which is enough for daily chores despite its lack of power. 
  • Equipped with 16GB of RAM, it guarantees seamless functioning while managing many apps simultaneously. 

Spatial Computing using SpaceOS:

  • A standard Windows or Mac operating system is incompatible with the Spacetop G1. Instead, it uses a specifically designed SpaceOS enhanced for spatial Computing. 
  • This operating system is designed to fully utilize the AR interface, with its straightforward controls and customized user interface for the virtual workplace. 

Conventional Laptop Components:

  • The Spacetop G1 has a futuristic look yet maintains specific recognizable characteristics for convenience. It has a trackpad for navigation and a full-sized keyboard for comfortable typing. 
  • Clear audio is ensured via built-in speakers.
  • You can stay connected whenever you travel with Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, and 5G choices.
  • The Spacetop G1 delivers a unique and immersive computing experience with its cutting-edge AR display, powerful performance, and inventive SpaceOS, all while maintaining the features recognizable from a conventional laptop. 

Advantages of the Spacetop G1

The Spacetop G1 is more than a high-tech device with an augmented reality display; it has many features that may change how you work, play, and interact with digital media. The following are some of this creative laptop's main benefits:

Enhancer of Productivity

  • Experience the power of a vast virtual workspace with the Spacetop G1. You can effortlessly work on spreadsheets, papers, and presentations simultaneously, without feeling constrained or disorganized, thereby enhancing your productivity. 
  • No more juggling the screen or constantly changing windows. This large workstation may increase your output and workflow effectiveness. 

Designing Ergonomically

  • Bid farewell to squinting at a tiny screen. The Spacetop G1's virtual display is comfortably positioned to encourage improved posture and lessen pressure on the neck and eyes.
  • Working on an AR laptop may be more ergonomic and comfortable than conventional laptops. 

The Ultimate in Portability

  • Conventional laptops tend to be heavy and unwieldy, but the Spacetop G1 fits all its features into a thin, stylish package. 
  • The AR glasses are very compact and ideal for working on the road, as they fold neatly into the tablet's base. 

All-Inclusive Entertainment

  • The Spacetop G1 is revolutionary for enjoyment as well as work.
  • Envision using a virtual 100-inch screen for social media surfing, gaming, or movie viewing. A wholly immersive and fascinating experience that is unmatched by anything you've seen before is promised by the AR display. 

What Makes the Spacetop G1 Unique?

The Spcacetop G1 delivers a distinctive and adaptable computing experience with its revolutionary design and state-of-the-art technologies, improving productivity, ergonomics, mobility, and entertainment like never before. 

Spacetop G1: Specs 

Spacetop G1




Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550


Adreno 740




128GB UFS 3.1


2x USB-C




Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, 5G


11.81 x 9.09 x 0.51-2.44 inches


3.08 lbs (laptop), 0.18 lbs (glasses)


Spacetop G1: Cost and Date of Release

On the Sightful website, units may be booked for $100. The Spacetop G1 has a starting price of $1900. The laptops are expected to begin shipping in October 2024. 

TOP Space top G1: Design

The Spacetop G1 seems to have had its screen severed right above the hinge, like someone looking an axe at a black business laptop. 

This is because the built-in 5MP camera and storage cubby for the bundled Xreal AR glasses is hidden behind a foldable shell rather than a display linked to the keyboard deck. 

When folded back, the case supports the camera and protects the glasses with a robust black cloth shell. As soon as you pull the cover forward over the laptop's top to "close" it, the Spacetop G1 resembles a laptop with sleeves that have a noticeable bulge in the middle. When you put it all the way back, the cover folds back to reveal the glasses cubby and maintain the camera array facing your direction, much like when you open a clamshell laptop. 

The bulging glasses pocket in the cover is a beautiful addition, even if it feels awkward to carry. At the same time, the laptop is closed since the glasses are connected to the device and cannot be removed for convenient storage. 

It is unsettling to carry about knowing that there is just a thin casing between you and a pair of pricey AR glasses tethered to your laptop. So, I do wish there was a way to make the laptop even thinner. If you want more protection, you could fit the Spacetop G1 inside most laptop sleeves while they are closed since they are thin enough. 

Spacetop G1: Display

The Spacetop G1's main selling feature is that it doesn't have a typical laptop display; instead, it comes with a pair of Xreal glasses that are connected to the laptop and, when worn, are said to give you a "screen size equivalent to 100 inches" that seems to be hovering in front of your eyes. 

We've used it for a short while, and I can attest to the size of the Spacetop G1's usable "screen" area. Though you can drag and drop windows to position them at almost any angle around you, the Spacetop G1 provides nearly 360 degrees of display—we're not sure how close it is to 100 inches of real space. 

The Xreal AR glasses that come with the package are responsible for this look. They include two OLED display screens that are supposed to provide 1920 x 1080 pixels per eye at a refresh rate of 90HZ. They claim to give 42 pixels per degree (PPD) and have a field of vision of up to 50 degrees (diagonal). If you use glasses, you can also have a pair of custom prescription inserts manufactured for them. 

In my limited experience with the Spacetop G1, we found that the "display" was simple to see and use, particularly when you get used to lowering the glasses' brightness (via a button on the side) to account for surrounding light. We watched a YouTube video in one video while using another to browse the internet, and no matter how or when we rotated our heads, the contents of the video stayed crisp, clear, and in focus. 

TOP Spacetop G1: Performance

The Spacetop G1's outdated Snapdragon QCS8550 SoC and meager 128GB of flash storage suggest that productivity is its primary focus rather than performance. The real usable space is 102GB since SpaceOS also takes up some of it.

However, the 16GB of RAM keeps things running smoothly while multitasking, and we found Space OS to be quick and simple to use during our short Spacetop test. Because it's Android-based, we didn't miss Windows' full capabilities –well, you got me –we basically just missed Steam – but we had no issue with writing, reading, and browsing email. 

Can you see the little white star-shaped key next to the Left Ctrl key in the lower-left corner? Sightful wouldn't tell me what it did (yet), but that's the "AI" key, 

Regretfully, we were unable to explore SpaceOS extensively. We can confirm that the laptop is equipped with an "AI button" (not the Windows Copilot key) and can do "48 TOPS of AI compute," but we are unsure of the precise AI functionalities that will be accessible on the Spacetop G1. Sightful still needed to prepare to discuss it. 

We know that Spacetop will function as a Chromebook when it launches, meaning you can utilize online apps for applications such as Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, and the Google suite of apps. The Spacetop team notes that after launch, the device may eventually have the option to install and run specialized Android applications. 

Spacetop G1: Ports

The Spacetop G1 features only two USB-C ports on each side of the chassis, not many connectors overall. Additionally, the number of types of peripherals you may use with the Spacetop is rather restricted since you have to use one for charging. 

Of course, the Spacetop is designed for something other than intense gaming or labor-intensive tasks, and it is equipped with many powerful components or a separate GPU. Furthermore, it seems reasonable that the Spacetop ships do not have a headphone connector, given that the AR glasses come with a pair of speakers.  

Spacetop G1: WEBCAM 

We confirmed that the 5MP camera built into the Spacetop G1's front cover is a webcam by secretly opening the camera app and snapping self-portraits while attending my Spacetop briefing. 

Therefore, the Spacetop's camera produces good, although slightly grainy, picture quality, even if we haven't had a chance to test how well it functions during video chats. Though the angle is still a touch less attractive than most webcams, and we saw a little more chin and neck than we'd prefer, the camera is situated higher on the G1 than on the Early Access Spacetop. Additionally, you are forced to wear a hefty set of specs throughout your Zoom chats, as you need to wear AR glasses in order to view Spacetop's interface. 

SpaceTOP G1: AR Glasses vs. Spaces

AR laptops like the Spacetop G1 promise to relieve us from hunching over our computers if they're secure and comfortable enough to use for extended periods of time. Our back feels more contorted than an extreme athletic event from the 1990s, having spent a lifetime composing articles on the fly while hunched over a 13-inch laptop screen on my lap. 

These days, we always take a laptop stand with us in case we need to work on the road, but an AR laptop like the Spacetop G1 may permanently remove that heavy addition from my carry-on. Putting on a set of AR glasses and seeing all of your windows and applications floating about you as you left them gives you a feeling of freedom and lets you gaze up, down, and all around while working. 

We find that using the Spacetop G1 offers a somewhat better experience than using a more conventional set of AR glasses (such as the Xreal Air 2) with a regular laptop since, with the latter, all you get is a relatively static PC desktop overlay that moves with you. SpaceOS is a little unusual because it uses sensors built into the glasses to allow you to "place" programs and windows at configurable intervals around you. You can then resize or reorganize them as needed, and SpaceOS saves your arrangement for later use.

Although it's a small change, it gave me a hopeful peek at a more ergonomic, health-conscious future in which we may remove the flat displays attached to our computers and desks and choose to wear AR glasses instead.

G1 Spacetop: Outlook

Although we are still determining Spacetop's feasibility and distinctive value, we are enthusiastic about its possibilities.

Sightful is marketing the Spacetop with the correct and rather convincing claim that it will provide you with more screen area than any laptop without any physical displays. However, another perspective we find even more appealing is the improved ergonomics that result from wearing your devices close to your face. 

Although the notion is a bit unsettling, it is also rather exciting—as long as they don't harm our eyes more than current displays do. We believe that the Spacetop team's ability to demonstrate that AR laptops can rival the greatest laptops available on the market in terms of functionality, comfort, and capability is excellent news for our backs and necks.

Naturally, it will take some time for us to thoroughly test and evaluate the Spacetop G1 before we can confidently declare how effectively it fulfills its promise. Keep checking back!

Features of Spacetop G1

In terms of laptops, the Spacetop G1 is a real game-changer as it provides a whole new interface for using your computer. What separates this cutting-edge gadget from conventional laptops is as follows:

Unlimited Online Workspace

  • Conventional laptops restrict your workplace by locking you to a physical display.
  • The Spacetop G1 overcomes this limitation by using AR glasses to create a vast and freeing virtual workplace.
  • No more being held back by small screens!

Superior Ergonomics

  • There is a risk of strain and pain while slouching over a laptop screen.
  • By enabling you to set the virtual display at the ideal distance, the Spacetop G1 encourages improved posture and lessens neck and eye strain for a more pleasant computing experience.

Superior Mobility

  • While computers are meant to be portable, they may be heavy and unwieldy.
  • The Spacetop G1 is very lightweight and portable, thanks to its elegant design and folding AR glasses.
  • You won't feel burdened working from anywhere.

An Insight into Computing's Future

  • The Spacetop G1 is a window into future Computing, not just another laptop.
  • Modern AR technology creates an immersive experience, opening the door to more dynamic and intuitive ways to work and play.

Recognized but Sophisticated

Even though the Spacetop G1 uses augmented reality technology, it still has a full-sized keyboard and touchpad, among other familiar features.

A lessens the learning curve and facilitates the switch from a conventional laptop to an AR gadget.

The Spacetop G1 distinguishes itself by providing a full laptop experience with the bonus of augmented reality technology. It is a really unique and revolutionary gadget since it focuses on providing a pleasant and productive workstation in AR, in contrast to other AR/VR headsets that could be more focused on gaming or entertainment.

Pricing and Availability of Spacetop G1

Are you eager to get the groundbreaking Spacetop G1? The good news is that Sightful's website now allows you to pre-order this state-of-the-art augmented reality laptop. However, controlling your expectations is crucial, especially with fast availability.

Pre-Order Cost:

The Spacetop G1 is now available for pre-order at a reduced cost of $1,700. The average price is $1,900, so this is a limited-time promotion.

Delivery Schedule:

By placing your purchase in advance, you can guarantee your place to get the Spacetop G1 when it begins arriving in October 2024. It's crucial to remember that shipping is presently only available inside the US.

Safeguarding Your Device:

Visit Sightful's website to make a $100 refundable deposit toward your Spacetop G1 pre-order. With this payment, you'll secure a spot in line and the reduced pre-order pricing.

Although the Spacetop G1's initial price is higher than that of more conventional laptops, its cutting-edge features and revolutionary technology are worth the extra cost.

Thanks to its pre-order choices and temporary discount, getting your Spacetop G1 will allow you to be among the first to experience the future of augmented reality computing.


To sum up, the Spacetop G1 is a revolutionary gadget that ushers in the era of Computing beyond the future. Its enormous virtual workplace, well-thought-out design, and unparalleled mobility provide a distinctive and engaging experience. The Spacetop G1 promises to completely change how you engage with digital information, whether you're a professional looking to increase productivity or a family member who enjoys watching movies. Accept the future and be among the first to use the first augmented reality laptop ever created.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Spacetop cost?

The Spacetop G1 costs $1,900.

Is Spacetop worth it?

The Spacetop G1 is an innovative device that offers unparalleled productivity and a unique computing experience, but its high price tag and limited native app support may make it less accessible to some users.

Who makes Spacetop?

The Spacetop G1 is developed by Sightful, an Israeli startup.

What OS does Spacetop use?

The Spacetop G1 runs on a custom version of Android, heavily modified to support multiple windows and depth tracking on the mouse.

What is the laptop with glasses instead of screen?

The Spacetop G1 is a laptop that uses a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses as a display, projecting a 100-inch virtual screen in front of the user's eyes.

Why is my laptop screen not working?

This question is unrelated to the Spacetop G1. For general troubleshooting of a non-functioning laptop screen, it is recommended to check for hardware issues, software conflicts, or power supply problems.

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