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Taimi Reviews: Let’s Know About a Dating App

Taimi was launched in 2017 by Social Impact Inc., located in Las Vegas. The first monitor Alex Pasykov thought of for the dating app that would eventually become Taimi was "Tame Me."

Other European countries are now a part of the company. On October 31, 2018, Taimi announced the UK launch. On July 20, 2019, Taimi was introduced in the Netherlands; additional Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America followed. 


Taimi Overview

Taimi has a lot of features. Some are available to all users, while others are only to premium members. Regardless of your membership level, there will be an enticing feature to keep you around!

The software may be used to locate your perfect mate. Taimi's social networking and dating services, including live streaming, video conferencing, and chat, are currently available to LGBTQ+ individuals. The software connects users based on their location and preferences. On the website, users can also browse through other active accounts. 

What is TAIMI?

TAIMI is, first and foremost, a community. This isn't just another dating app where users may meet someone for a quick date. TAIMI is a product that helps its consumers with many problems. We provide a world free from discrimination and harassment and a safe space where individuals can interact, connect, exchange information, discuss issues, meet new people, and engage in the LGBTQI+ community. Everyone is welcome to join us. 

Pros and Cons of Taimi


  • Very welcoming to LGBTQ+ people.
  • The app is accessible for free.
  • It is safe for LGBTQ+ people to use the app.

Taimi Drawbacks

  • There needs to be more payment.
  • Customer service needs to be operating correctly.
  • The app crashes and has issues.

Membership Cost and Method of Payment

Taimi has a premium membership called Taimi XL. This subscription has several advantages and enhances your overall experience on the app by making it much more valuable and fun. Members may use credit cards to pay for their subscriptions.

  • The total cost of a seven-day membership was $14.99 USD, or 2.14 USD per day.
  • The cost of a membership is $41.99 USD each month.
  • The monthly membership fee for three months is USD 18.99 or USD 53.99 in total.
  • The monthly membership fee for 12 months is 6 USD or 71.99 USD.

Features of a Free Membership

For free, as a primary member, you may access:

  • Enrollment
  • Making of a profile
  • Lookup criteria
  • You can see who thinks highly of you
  • Message-sending your matches
  • Looking at the photos and profiles of other members
  • Publishing and composing narratives
  • You use facial recognition, fingerprint, or pin authentication to secure your account.

Extraordinary Membership Benefits

As a member of Taimi XL, you may access:

  • Enjoying endless games of chance;
  • Enhancing your profile to get up to five times more views;
  • Applying sophisticated search criteria;
  • Watching trending stories;
  • Reverse wipes;
  • Observing every guest;
  • Concealing location and age details;
  • Locating a match;
  • Requesting entry to personal record albums;
  • Browsing in secret while being visible to specific individuals;
  • Unrestricted messaging
  • Requesting a chat session.

Is Taiimi a Safe Product?

The Taimi app was developed to help the LGBTQI+ community discover committed relationships instead of casual encounters or one-night stands. The app aims to allow users to meet their love interests.

Taimi prioritizes the privacy and safety of its members. In the real world, the LGBTOQI+ community faces judgment and criticism; the app seeks to provide them with a safe space where they may freely express their sexual preferences. Taimi is superior to other LGBTQI+ dating applications because of its technological policy security measures. For users who break the 

Taimi prioritizes the privacy and safety of its members. In the real world, the LGBTQI community faces judgment and criticism; the app seeks to provide them with a safe space where they may freely express their sexual preferences. Taimi is superior to other LGBTQI+ dating applications because of its technological and policy security measures. The program has severe termination regulations for users who break the rules or are discovered to have false profiles. One of the two-step authentication methods in the app's security features uses a PIN, while the other uses fingerprints. The AI program identifies fake accounts and con artists.

How Is Taimi Applied?

For the LGBTQI+ community, Taimi is an excellent dating app that offers a variety of features and a communication channel to help users find their ideal partners. The software seeks to facilitate committed or long-term partnerships. 

The dating site provides sophisticated search options to locate the greatest possible matches. What type of filter does the dating app provide, and how detailed are they? You may look for matches based on distance proximity (51-200 miles) and age ranges (18-80 years). You have the option to choose between transgender male, transgender female, intersex make, and intersecting sexual orientations. Members can narrow their search by selecting whether they are seeking a friendship, conversation, long-term partner, or short-term romance. You have access to more criteria as a premium member, such as Spot Search, Body type, Preference or Taimi, and distance within a 5 to 50-mile radius. 

Interacting with other Taimi users is easy when you send a brief chat to someone you like. You can provide a group chat feature that enables users to communicate with other Taimi users. It's a fantastic opportunity to socialize with various folks at once. You may always give someone a private chat invitation to have a private discussion if you find someone intriguing in the group. 

Over the years, Taimi has undergone many changes, including the transition from a gay dating app to a social networking site. Users of Taimi have access to video conversations and message and chat features. Additionally, they may alter the news stream to reflect their interests. They can also create groups, postings, and success stories. The goal of the makeover was to create a quiet, secure space where people could openly express their sexuality, discuss their struggles, and look for love, support, and guidance. 

Registration Procedure

Taimi's registration process is simple and fast. Users may register by email: Facebook, Snapchat, or mobile. The wise choice is to use Facebook or Snapchat, where you only need permission to use your social network app. Taimi will only import the public data required for your profile; it won't publish anything on your social media sites without your consent. The data includes your date of birth, location, working email address, and first and last names. 

Taimi loves to add excitement and enjoyment to the situation, so they inquire about your position in the bedroom. Which would you prefer –dominance or comfort in submission? Do you like being called "daddy" by someone? Please select the one that suits your tastes, and the website will save it for inappropriate matches. The uploading of a picture for your profile is the next step. You have three options: import it from Facebook, snap a photo for your profile, the next step. You have three options: Import it from Facebook, snap a picture, or upload it from your smartphone. Ensure your face is visible in your profile photo; avoid group shots and blurry images. After that, you can finish creating your profile or explore the website. Although you may finish your profile later, it is advised to do so for the best matches when you first join up. 

Users' Qualitative Profiles

Taimi provides a thorough profile in an eye-catching, contemporary style. It is stunning for the younger audience, who are used to eye-catching interfaces. 

What details must you provide in your profile? By touching the profile icon in the lower right corner, you may make changes to your information. Select Edit and enter the data that the application requests. Commence with basic details such as your zodiac sign, date of birth, gender, and nickname. Connecting your Taimi account to other social networking platforms, such as Spotify, Instagram, or Snapchat, is possible. 

You may add more data in the further information section of your profile. Include a brief, imaginative, and enjoyable autobiographical statement. Describe your character and the qualities you are looking for in a mate. Please include some details about your look, such as your body type. What is your weight in grams? How tall are you, on average? You must provide your search criteria on the site. You may choose your sexual role from the menu as well.

Mobile Program

First off, users of iOS and Android may download the Taimi dating app from their respective virtual shops. Both your country and your device need to support downloading these applications. The youthful, tech-savvy population benefits most from the app's stylish design. The app's design is reminiscent of social media websites with networking capabilities and news feeds. The app features rich, dark hues like purple and black. 

Other Alternatives for Tiami


Relationship models and pride badges for quick identification are two distinctive aspects.

User Base: She refers to herself as "FLINTA," an acronym for "feminine, lesbian, intersex, nonbinary, transgender, and age." To put it simply, this app is mainly for ladies and admits users other than transgender guys. There are more than 13 million users on it. 

Privacy Policies: "Do Not Track" settings are observed; personal information may be shared with affiliates

Cost: $14.99 a month or free

Real User Experience: I've been using this app for about ten years, and it's via it that I met my partner, who is the most excellent match of my life. I preferred the paid version because it saves so much time to check who has already liked you, and She offers a free week of the premium version upon signing up. 

For those who don't want to sort through cis males, the app is ideal since it quickly removes their profiles when someone reports them. In addition to a sizable community area with group membership options, there are several educational blogs and articles. The one drawback of Her is its messaging service, which may be sluggish at times and prevents users from scrolling all the way back to the start of discussions unless they have a paid subscription.


Staff at dating app Grindr quit en masse over return-to-office mandate |  Reward, Salary & Payroll | HR Grapevine | News

Features that set them apart: networking options and geolocation

User Base: Over 13 million individuals use this app, which is geared toward homosexual, bisexual, and transgender guys.

Privacy Policies: Personal information is shared with third parties; location data is required for the service to geolocate

Cost: Free of charge or $19.99 per month

Real User Experience: This software stands out because of its emphasis on geolocation, which enables you to meet people who are physically nearby.

Although it may be used for relationships, hooking up is its most frequent application. "The expectation among most users is that sex is the priority," Blum states. He points out that "relationships may grow from hookups, but the immediate focus is sex. The filters, which include choices of sexual positions, emphasize this."

Grindr is excellent for those who want to meet someone without spending too much time chatting beforehand. Sorting through all the folks searching for hookups may require more work if you're looking for a committed relationship. 


OkCupid launches Stacks to make it easier for you to find your match | Tech  News

Distinctive attributes: a wide age range, deal breakers

User Base: OKCupid has 12 million users and offers as many, if not more, inclusive features as community-specific applications while not being explicitly geared toward the LGBTQIA+ community.

Privacy Policies: Personal information utilized for marketing; face geometry data taken for verified profiles

Cost: $29.99 per month or free

Real User Experience: Because of its robust inclusion features, OKCupid is a destination for the LGBTQIA+ community, even if it isn't an app designed with them in mind. This app is terrific for meeting people in non-romantic situations as well. I used it for years, keeping it open while in relationships and whenever I was seeking acquaintances. 

This is a terrific place for younger dates, left-wingers, and anybody who doesn't fit the mainstream to meet some of the most counter-culture folks I've ever seen. Your swipe alternatives will be more tailored to you and your dating objectives the more personality questions you answer. This is because it screens prospective suitors based on those answers. 


Although Taimi, a dating app, offers a lot of inclusive choices and some cool features, there is always room for growth in terms of user experience. I would want more general customization and the opportunity to choose which alerts I want. More choices might be available for specificity and elements like Interests and Vibes. Taimi is an excellent LGBTQ+ dating app all around. The value of premium memberships varies depending on the user and what they want to gain from an online dating service. I hope Taimi incorporates user comments into future app updates.  


How to Delete Taimi Account?

Members can either disable their account temporarily or opt for deletion, which is permanently deleting your account. To delete your account, click on the settings tab and go to the accounts select to disable the account. Provide the reason for termination and tap on delete account.

How to Message Someone on Taimi?

You can send a message to your potential matches in easy steps.

  • Tap the profile icon on the main page.
  • Select my Likes tab.
  • Close a person from your matches list you want to send a message.
  • Tap the green message icon on your right.
  • Start chatting with your match.

How to See Who Likes You on Taimi Without Paying?

In the profile option, there is an option My Likes tap on it. You can see the list of mutual likes with your matches and all the members you liked on the app.

How to Block Someone on Taimi?

Members can report any suspicious or fake profile to the moderator of the app. The professional team of the app will decide what to do with the account.

How to Cancel Taimi’s Subscription?

Your Taimi subscription can be canceled through the virtual stores of Apple and Android.

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