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Muddy Matches Review: Is It The Best Dating App in the UK?

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The UK's online dating app market is huge, with over 1400+ such platforms helping people find their partners in the easiest and most convenient way. Despite this growing number of dating apps, Muddy Matches remains one of the most popular among all. The possibilities are its indigenousness. The app is the brainchild of two sisters, Lucy and Emma Reeves, who wanted to create a platform for country-minded people to meet and date online. 

But since you’re here reading this Muddy Matches Review, the chances are you’re not on it yet. In such a situation, you probably have some questions in your mind, like - Is it just a hookup app? Is it just for farmers? Is it free? Is it best for long-term relationships? 

Our Muddy Matches review will have an in-depth look into this popular dating app that was started even before Tinder. We will also cover every single aspect of the Muddy Matches app, including its safety, working, pricing, sign-up process, and alternatives. 

Key Statistics on Muddy Matches

  • The platform has approximately 250,000 members from the UK and Ireland, with about 50,000 active weekly. (Source: Mydatingadvisor)
  • The gender distribution on Muddy Matches is 38% male and 62% female. (Source: Mydatingadvisor)
  • A survey conducted in June 2017 found that 3% of respondents aged 18 to 29 years were current users of Muddy Matches, while 87% of respondents within that group stated that they had never used Muddy Matches. (Source: Statista)

What Is Muddy Matches?

Muddy Matches is a UK-based online dating platform specifically designed for countryside people. The platform offers a space to meet and date like-minded individuals. The site was founded by two sisters in 2006 with the vision of connecting people to country things. 

It's not just for those who live in the countryside but also for those who live in the city. Members, known as Muddies and Townies, can seek both friendship and dating on this platform. The site is user-friendly and offers a refined search box to find your perfect match. 

How Does Muddy Matches Work?

Muddy Matches works as an intermediary platform that allows its users to connect, meet, and even date other like-minded people. When you sign up, you provide information about yourself, which is used to match you with potential partners. 

You can also search for matches based on physical appearance, background, lifestyle, and interests. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making the search for your 'Muddy' or 'Townie' match super-easy. 

Who Is Muddy Matches For?

Muddy Matches members include two main groups: Muddies (those from rural areas) and Townies (city dwellers who still love the countryside). The founders believe no one is entirely one or the other, so Muddy Matches provides a space for like-minded individuals to meet.

Here are some key details about Muddy Matches’ members:

  • Members: Approximately 250,000 people from the UK and Ireland are part of this community.
  • Member Activity: Around 50,000 members actively engage on the platform each week.
  • Gender Proportion: The platform's active users comprise 38% male and 62% female.


Features of Muddy Matches

The features of Muddy Matches make it stand out in the UK’s online dating landscape. 

  • The Muddy Townie Quiz: This fun quiz lets you discover your love for the town or country lifestyle. It's a great way to engage with other members, compare scores, and spark conversations.
  • The Country Calendar: This handy calendar features various events across the UK, such as country fairs, horse races, and even speed dating gatherings. It's a helpful resource for planning real-life meetups with potential dates!
  • Muddy Matches Blog: The blog offers a wealth of dating advice and explores specific topics like dating for farmers, equestrians, and gay farmers.
  • Messaging and Notifications: As with most dating platforms, only paid members can send and receive messages. But once you're a full member, you'll be able to send notifications and see when your messages have been read.
  • Success Stories: This section shares the heartwarming tales of people who've found love on Muddy Matches.

Is Muddy Matches Safe for Online Dating?


Based on our research for the Muddy Matches Review, the platform appears to be a safe platform for online dating. It offers various features to protect user privacy and ensure a secure dating experience. 

However, like with any online platform, users should exercise caution and follow best practices for online safety. Always remember to keep personal information private until you're comfortable sharing it, and report any suspicious activity to the site administrators. 

Is Muddy Matches Free to Use?

Yes, Muddy Matches is a free dating app with an option to upgrade to paid plans. A free account lets you enjoy features like reading the Muddy Matches blog, taking quizzes, uploading your profile, and browsing through the site to see who else is there. 

However, to interact with others, a paid membership is required. A one-month subscription costs £24. However, if you commit to a 12-month membership, the cost drops to £7.50 per month. There are also options for three-month and six-month subscriptions.

Muddy Matches Sign-Up Process

The registration process is a quick 10-minute task requiring you to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Start by entering your full name and email address and then setting up a password. 
  • Once you're logged in, you'll be guided through a 5-step procedure, which includes providing information about your location and physical attributes.
  • Next, you'll have to identify yourself as either a "Townie" or a "Muddy." You can do it using a slider that lets you choose any value between 0% and 100%. 
  • Now, save your Muddy Matches login credentials for the future.

How to Find Matches on Muddy Matches?

To find matches on Muddy Matches, here’s a simple step-by-step process to be followed:

  • Start by creating a profile. 
  • After logging in, navigate to the 'Search' section. Here, you can filter potential matches based on location, age, and whether they identify as a 'Townie' or 'Muddy.' 
  • Once you've set your preferences, click 'Search'. A list of profiles matching your criteria will appear. 
  • Browse through these profiles, and if you like someone, send them a message. Remember, finding the right match might take time, so be patient and keep exploring.

Our Verdict on Muddy Matches

After a detailed analysis of Muddy Matches Review, we can conclude it is one of the safest dating sites in the UK. The platform actually does what it aims to do: connecting like-minded people and even allowing them to date. The app has a lot of features and interactive sections. 

However, the only thing we found to be against the platform is its subscription plan. While the free plan unlocks a variety of features, the real fun starts only when you pay for a subscription. You can’t initiate a chat in the free plan. 

All in all, we found Muddy Matches to be fun and interactive, and we recommend giving it a try. 

Muddy Matches Reviews from Users

We scrolled down the internet to find out what existing users of Muddy Matches were saying about the platform. It has got mixed reviews from users, with a trust score of 3.3 on Trustpilot. Many of the users seem to be happy with the services and features, while others are complaining about high subscriptions and bad customer service. The reviews seem to be genuine and trustworthy. 

Here are some screenshots of Muddy Matches reviews: 



Top 5 Muddy Matches Alternatives in 2024

As mentioned above, despite being the most popular dating app in the UK, Muddy Matches still needs much improvement. In case you think, it isn’t worth your time, here’s a list of the top 10 alternatives to Muddy matches. 

#1. Match



Match is a dating site that breathes new life into the dating scene for farmers. It's a platform where farmers can expand their horizons and connect with singles from various cities and rural areas. One of the standout features of Match is its filtering system, which lets users define their ideal partner based on age, education, religion, and more.

We know how challenging it can be for farmers to take the first step toward expressing interest in someone, but Match simplifies this process. With Match, farmers can show their interest in someone by simply clicking the like button, eliminating the need for any words.

#2. Farmers Only



Farmers Only is an excellent platform for those seeking a partner who understands the farming lifestyle. It can be tough to find a partner in rural areas, especially with the focus of most dating apps being on larger cities. Farmers Only closes this gap, enabling farmers to find that special someone and start a new chapter in their lives. Despite what you might have thought Farmers Only is a pyramid scheme from the commercials, it is a legitimate service.

#3. eharmony



eharmony is a network that assists farmers in finding love without the need for constant app swiping. The eharmony platform, both website and app, uses an algorithm specifically designed to ignite a romantic connection. 

The platform’s built-in Compatibility Quiz feature aids in identifying singles with common interests and personality characteristics. eHarmony takes pride in the fact that over 600,000 people globally have tied the knot after meeting on its platform.

#4. Western Match



Western Match is an ideal online dating site for single to foster new relationships. Users can set up a dating profile at no cost and peruse potential matches before opting for a subscription to message them. With a database of over 100,000 profiles, the platform helps any single farmer find a person seeking a genuine relationship.

Western Match facilitates easy connections with individuals who share similar values and a rural upbringing. Their Flirt system allows users to send clever opening lines to matches, initiating a conversation without the awkwardness of the first hello.

#5. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle Dating App | Find a Husband/Wife ? 🤔 - YouTube


Christian Mingle is a faith-oriented platform that provides an opportunity for farmers to connect with a companion who not only appreciates the countryside way of life but also shares similar spiritual beliefs. It assures farmers that they can discover a potential partner who comprehends the importance of religion in relationships. Christian Mingle simplifies the process for farmers to nurture their faith and affection.

There are times when the ideal match is not found on conventional dating apps. That's where Christian Mingle steps in, offering a space for community members who have a clear understanding of what they seek in a partner. After setting up your profile and adding a picture, you can begin your search for profiles that align with your preferences and interests.


How do I Cancel Muddy Matches?

To cancel your Muddy Matches subscription, go to 'My Account' and select 'Manage my subscriptions'. Remember to cancel at least 48 hours before the renewal date to avoid further charges.

When did Muddy Matches Start?

Muddy Matches was founded in 2006 by sisters Lucy and Emma Reeves. It began as a platform to connect people who cherish country living.

Do Muddy Matches Still Exist?

Yes, Muddy Matches is still operational and continues to serve as a niche dating platform for those interested in the countryside lifestyle.

Is Muddy Matches Just for Farmers?

No, Muddy Matches is not just for farmers. It welcomes anyone with a love for the countryside, including those from urban areas who are open to rural life.

Is There a Muddy Matches App?

Yes, there is a Muddy Matches app available for download on both Google Play and the App Store, offering the same features as the website.

Who Owns Muddy Matches?

Muddy Matches is owned by sisters Lucy and Emma Reeves. They established it as a family-run online community to revolutionize farmer dating.

How to Contact Muddy Matches Customer Support?

You can contact Muddy Matches customer support by filling out the contact form on their website or by following the contact details provided in the 'My Accounts' tab when logged in.

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