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Top 10 Magento Website Development Companies in the UK (July 2024)

Using Magento for e-commerce website development results in a fully responsive webpage that works flawlessly on a wide range of devices. Customers are encouraged to use the app anywhere and at any time by doing this.

What is Magento?

Magento is a cloud-based, open-source platform for developers to create scalable, high-performance e-commerce websites. It was created on the Zend framework and released by Varien in 2008. 

Despite being first released by Varien, eBay eventually acquired Magento in 2010. After eBay split up in 2015, Magento was separated into a separate company and given its own owner, Premira. In 2018, Adobe bought it once again. 

In 2015, the wholly redesigned Magento 2.0 was made available. The new version included improved page caching, fewer table locking problems, enterprise-grade scalability, enhanced file structure with better customization, built-in rich snippets for structured data, CSS URL Resolver, increased performance, and a more streamlined codebase. 

The fantastic platform gives online retailers total control over their online store's operation, appearance, and content, as well as a very adaptable shopping cart system. Magento 2.0's most well-known aspects are its extensive catalog management toolkit, powerful marketing, and SEO. 

Magento provides two distinct platforms: Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. The latter may be further implemented using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or the on-premises version. 

Open Source Magento

Using this open-source e-commerce platform, developers may add new plugins to expand Magento's functionality and implement core files. 

Magento Commerce (In-house)

The essential files of Magento Commerce (on-premises) are identical to those of Magento open-source. However, Magento Commerce is more expensive and has more features and functionality than open-source software. This Magento platform targets large-scale companies that need technical assistance with use, setup, installation, and troubleshooting. 

Platform-as-a-Service: Magento Commerce

It runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Magento Commerce (PaaS) is designed to support creative and smooth e-commerce experiences. When paired with industry-leading hosting provider infrastructure, it can run fully customized, scalable, and secure online stores. 

Large-scale corporations, mid-market companies, and small businesses may all be readily served by Magento Commerce Cloud.

Important Magento Statistics

Many of the world's top solutions use Magento because of its insanely fantastic features and functionality. Millions of online retailers, such as Samsung, Nike, Bulgari, Christian Louboutin, Ford, and so on, are using this open-source technology to launch their online stores. 

To provide you with additional context on this, let's examine some critical statistical data.

  • 1.2% of the internet, or 12% of all e-commerce websites, are powered by Magento (Source).
  • Every year, Magento processes over $155 billion in transactions (Source)
  • By the end of this year, online ecommerce sales using Magento are expected to reach $224 billion globally (Source).
  • With more than 270,000 domains, Magento is the fourth most popular e-commerce platform (Source)


These figures all unequivocally demonstrate Magento's unparalleled appeal for creating reliable e-commerce websites. Providing the globe with unmatched goods, this industry is home to a variety of businesses. We have narrowed down the top 10 Magento development firms in the UK from the wide range of available alternatives to ensure that you get unparalleled assistance and a highly engaging and smooth solution. But first, let's discuss the importance of working with a reputable Magento development partner.


Requirement for Development Partner for Magento

The following are some of the main justifications for working with a reputable Magento development partner:

Requirement for Development Partner for Magento

Planning Comes Before Doing

A competent Magento development business creates an e-commerce website development plan by considering the customer's goals and the degree of competition. Since everything is planned ahead of time, confusion or mistakes cannot occur. 

Vast Experience and Knowledge

A reputable Magento development company handles every aspect, from design to development to deployment. It has extensive experience and can provide highly tailored solutions. 

24/7 Assistance

Due to the ongoing nature of website development, Magento development agencies provide exceptional support around the clock. 

Enhances the Effectiveness of Your Store

A Magento development company thoroughly examines your business, does in-depth market research, and scans the rivals' websites before creating a highly scalable website with cutting-edge features. 


Working with a seasoned Magento development business gives you access to the newest technology and solutions, improving the effectiveness of your online product. 

Superior Quality

The Magento development service uses the most skilled developers. A quality assurance team also guarantees that the product is free of bugs. 

On-Time Delivery

The e-commerce website is constructed and delivered within the allotted period.

Leading Magento Development Agencies in the UK (2024)

  • Mtoag Technology 

The best place to get expert-level Magento expertise is at Mtoag Technology, a leading Magento development company. Its staff works hard to provide its customers with strong storefront models using many Magento versions. Because Mtoag Technologies has a team of Magento e-commerce developers with over ten years of expertise and a solid understanding of e-commerce on the web, they also provide custom Magento web designs.


A group of skilled e-commerce Magento developers at Mtoag Technologies is adept at identifying problems and glitches that arise during the creation of e-commerce websites and fixing them quickly. Additionally, the team completes the assignment on schedule, flawlessly, and without delays. 

Established in 2013

Head Office: Jaipur, India (also located in London, UK)

Knowledge: Mtoag Technologies is an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider focusing on Magento development. Services include theme design, bespoke store development, Magento extension development, and third-party integrations.

50 workers make up the team.

Phone Number: +44 (115) 888-0557

Email Address: sales@mtoag.com 

  • Magebit

Megabit is a full-service Magento company that collaborates with an outstanding group of Magento-certified specialists to provide customized e-commerce solutions. Established in 2014, the firm has grown rapidly in only six years to become a one-stop shop for all e-commerce requirements, including strategy, design, development, growth, and maintenance. 


With happy customers from over 29 countries—including the US, UK, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada—Magebit has a long list of delighted customers.

VW, Madara, Kinetics, Hargrove Cycles, Sabon, and other companies were among their former clients.

  • Onilab

With more than seven years of notable experience in the e-commerce industry, Onilab is a full-stack certified Magento development studio. The organization employs more than fifty certified Magento developers who are adept at customizing Magento websites in accordance with industry best practices and have a profound grasp of the platform's architectural ideas. 


With a stellar clientele spanning the globe, Onilab has collaborated with several Fortune 500 businesses. It has improved over time, and I gained extensive knowledge on how to design user-friendly websites for online stores that will increase conversions and sales. 

Past customers include Robert Allen, Public Desire, Bright Star Kids, GSM55.com, Solobay BrandBags, and more.

  • iWeb

iWeb has provided conversion-oriented digital marketing, e-commerce, and Magento services for 23 years. Using a very adaptable strategy, the business has mapped Magento's strengths to assist several customers in seizing new market possibilities. 


With each new initiative, iWeb has been refining its e-commerce value offering and moving closer to its ultimate objective: assisting online retailers in managing customer loyalty and experience. The organization optimizes Magento's functionality, adaptability, and integration potential in pursuit of this objective. 

Raleigh, JCB, Scruffs, Yuasa, TEP Technica, Needlers, and the British Heart Foundation are former customers.

  • RVS Media

RVS Media is an experienced and results-oriented Magento e-commerce company. This multi-award-winning digital company was founded in 2015 and is supported by more than fifty Magento-certified developers as well as Google-certified marketers, Designers, and Technologists. These experts build your company in previously unheard-of ways using applied technology, design thinking, and data science. 


With experience working with more than 60 of the industry's top customers, RVS provides solid methods to improve your online business and meet your goals. Their ability to provide innovative solutions and their hands-on approach is what can help you fully realize the potential of your online shop.

Previous Customers: Vital Herb, Marco Richards, Owen Brothers, Hatton Jewellers, Wled, Omorovicza, Kensington Design, Sunnamusk, Raft, and more.


  • DotDigital

Leading marketing automation software, dotdigital, has successfully powered over 4,000 organizations globally. Established in 1999, it is a rapidly expanding international company with offices in nine countries and more than 350 people. 

The business has a lengthy and successful history as a Premium Magento partner. DotDigital provides all of the services related to working on various Magento implementations, such as building a new website, transferring data from another platform to an existing Magento site, or even upgrading the Magento version. 


Previous customers include SiS, British Airways, Caruso's Natural Health, City & Guilds, Leisure Pass Group, and more.

  • Redbox Digital

Redbox Digital is a well-known international creative design and digital commerce company specializing in creating unique Magento e-commerce experiences. Redbox collaborates with top IT solutions to provide their clients with flawless digital experiences. Everything is provided, including email marketing, hosting, merchandising, CMS, and shipping, to guarantee unmatched success. 


With offices worldwide—in London, Italy, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland, and Mauritius—the business easily manages a clientele of foreign customers. It is renowned for embracing and implementing the newest Magento technology and has worked on a number of challenging projects. 

Previous Customers include Screwfix, Chapel Down, Paperchase, Nestle, Sephora, Universal Music Group, and others.

  • The Commerce Store

The Commerce Store, established in 2009, provides e-commerce development and marketing services under one roof. It also offers full Magento CRO services, Magento e-commerce support, and custom Magento website development. 

The organization guarantees massive success for various e-commerce enterprises through strategic thought and distinct creative skills. TargetBay, an e-commerce marketing platform with over 500 clients and an annual growth rate of +100%, is ascribed to it for its establishment. 


Past customers include Aidan Gray, Boxes4U, Surf-fur, Black Orchid Denim, Aquathin Corp, Golden Rabbit, and more.

  • ForBytes

With four locations around Europe, 80+ staff members, and ten years of unmatched experience, forbytes is a top supplier of e-commerce solutions that has assisted many customers in reaching their goals. 


As a Magento agency, the business offers various services, including cloud hosting, UX/Design, online store optimization, and Magento web strategy consultation. It also provides enduring and highly scalable digital experiences by integrating with the most popular technologies, such as PHP, .Net, React, and more. 

It takes extra effort for bytes to comprehend customer demands and provide solutions that meet their specifications. 

Previous Customers: Offerta, Desenio, Brain Spin, Trademax, Swebike, Desenio, Basil365, The African Touch, Koo Koo, and more.

  • SoftLoft

SoftLoft is skilled in developing Magento e-commerce websites. It is a full-service web company established in 2008 that assists companies in reaching their objectives via excellent online shops. The business is renowned for providing flexible, dependable, and reasonably priced e-commerce solutions. 


Soft Loft provides completely customized services that are suited to each customer's specific requirements, as well as ongoing assistance and prompt problem-solving. Creating and developing robust Magento-based shops is only one aspect of what the business offers. Its daily operations include every stage of your web business's growth and upkeep. 

Previous Customers: Bendon Lingerie, Pottery Barn, Inverted Edge, Miller Harris, Mothercare, H&M, and more.

Advice for Selecting a Magento Development Company in the UK

It's an art to choose a Magento development company. This is a crucial choice that might make or ruin your company. Your Magento developer has to be reliable and technically proficient, and you have to keep an eye on their work at all times to make sure of that. 

We have created a list of crucial inquiries that you may make when working with a Magento development company to help you through the process and make an informed choice. 

  • Is your company a full-service one? For what duration have you been using Magento?
  • Does your business have a Magento accreditation?
  • Could you show me a few client endorsements?
  • What services will I get overall for the cost of the website?
  • What is the typical turnaround time for you?
  • Will you keep me informed? Throughout the whole development process, who will be the point of contact?
  • Have you completed any noteworthy projects involving the integration or migration of Magento?
  • Is the online store responsive? Was it designed in a setting that is conducive to SEO?
  • Is there a payment gateway integration on the website?
  • Do you consider the speed at which pages load essential?
  • Do you help with marketing and SEO?
  • How dependable are the means of communication you use?
  • Do you provide any assurances about secure and safe operations?
  • Do you provide technical assistance after development and documentation?

You can ask as many questions as you want. It is, after all, your project and money that are at risk. To guarantee the security and accomplishment of your e-commerce development project, ask any questions that come to mind. 

Advantages of Magento Platform Utilization

The following are some of the most notable advantages of using Magento:

The Magento platform simplifies updating and adding new features to the pre-existing layouts. This gives companies an advantage since it makes it possible for them to modify and resize their templates swiftly. 

With Magento, several e-commerce websites can be managed from a single admin interface.

The platform supports a variety of add-on web themes. These themes have the potential to significantly improve the appearance of websites and attract more visitors. Additionally, Magento offers a number of SEO tools and an optimized URL structure for search engines.

Magento is renowned for its easy-to-use administrative interface, which lets you customize the layout of product pages. Using its efficient URL rewriting tool, you may quickly modify the meta tags and descriptions and raise your website's search engine ranking. 

How Much It Costs to Create a Magento eCommerce Website

Determining the cost is one of the most essential parts of developing a website. Every company is interested in learning how much it will cost to create a unique e-commerce website. First, the quantity and kind of features included on the website have a significant impact on the cost. A delivery with more features will cost more money. Additionally, prices vary globally, and each business sets its price based on two main variables: the location and the quality of the job. 

After conducting a comparative analysis, we have identified some of the most popular locations and their hourly labor expenses. 

  • Developers in the United States: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30 to $150 per hour
  • Developers in India: $10 to $80 per hour

India is, without a doubt, the most practical nation for developing e-commerce, as it provides highly qualified labor at affordable costs. Again, however, there are a number of other variables that affect development costs. 


Selecting the best Magento development agency is an important choice that will significantly influence how well your e-commerce project turns out. The best businesses in the industry provide various services, such as continuing maintenance and custom development, and their knowledge can guide you through the intricacies of the Magento platform. You may choose a partner that supports your company objectives and helps you succeed in e-commerce by considering variables like experience, competence, price, and communication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Magento web development firm is the best?

One of the top Magento solution providers in the world, Mtoag Technologies focuses on web development, support, testing, upkeep, and optimization services.

What services are provided by these leading Magento development firms?

Custom web development, eCommerce development, automation, and migration are among the services provided by the best Magento development firms.

In 2024, what are the main advantages of using Magento for my online store?

With its scalable and adaptable eCommerce solutions, Magento enables integration with third-party extensions, advanced analytics, and automation tools. In order to improve user experience and operational efficiency, it also offers specialized functions for sectors like food and beverage, fashion, health and beauty, and more.

Regarding my online business, which trends in Magento development should I be aware of?

Important developments in Magento development to watch include the use of headless commerce for flexible architectures, the integration of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for enhanced user experiences, and the use of AI and machine learning for tailored shopping experiences.

In 2024, how much would it typically cost to create a unique Magento website?

The price of creating a unique Magento website differs greatly from that of a standard drag-and-drop website builder. Depending on the complexity and changes needed, an Enterprise Edition project may cost between $50,000 and $250,000, whereas a Magento Open Source project may cost between $5,000 and $30,000.

What is the cost of continuing Magento maintenance and support?

A top Magento development firm typically charges between $50 and $100 per hour for ongoing support and maintenance of a Magento site; however, prices may vary depending on the number of services and the time required for maintenance.

What is the hourly rate for a Magento developer?

For Magento, the hourly pricing for a backend developer may range from $35 to $100, while the rate for a full-stack developer can vary from $40 to $150.

How much does hiring a Magento developer cost?

Depending on their expertise and experience, hiring a Magento developer might cost between $50 and $250 per hour.

The top Magento developers are expensive to hire because of their high caliber of training and experience, but it may be a wise investment for your online store requirements. These elite specialists often charge at the higher end of the hourly rates because of their extensive background in both backend and full-stack development.

For your hiring requirements, you check into websites like Upwork, Clutch, and Magento partners.

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