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Leading 10 Flutter App Development Companies in the UK [June 2024]

Flutter App Development Companies

Are you trying to find the best Flutter app development companies in the United Kingdom? Put down the scroll! The best 10+ flutter app development companies in the UK are shown on our list, which is ideal for propelling your project forward. It's crucial for business owners always to take action to advance their organizations. Below is a summary of the top 10 Flutter app development companies in the UK. 

In the UK IT sector, the wind is signing to a new tune: Flutter's beat. This cutting-edge framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps has revolutionized the industry, enthralling developers and companies with its lightning-fast development, gorgeous interface, and native-like performance. Flutter was utilized by 46% of app developers, according to a 2022 developer poll. Roughly one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform frameworks or technologies overall. It makes sense why Flutter applications dominate smartphone displays in the UK and change the mobile environment one pixel at a time. 

Nut-picking the appropriate Flutter development partner becomes even more important throughout this thrilling climb. In addition to being proficient in technology, your staff must comprehend your vision, convert it into a flawless user experience, and help your app succeed. 

Do not be alarmed, brave app users! After combing the digital landscape, we have hand-selected the top 10 Flutter app development companies in the UK and are prepared to take your idea to new heights. Each business, from seasoned veterans to up-and-coming talents, shines in artistry, originality, and commitment to its client'sclients' success. 

So grab your seat and get ready to take off. We will introduce the businesses that will shape Flutter's development in the United Kingdom in the future. Prepare to be astounded, motivated, and equipped to choose the ideal companion for your application's ascent. 

Key Statistics on Flutter App Development in 2024

  • Flutter's popularity has seen a 9% increase since 2019-2020.
  • It is projected to maintain its lead over React Native in terms of popularity in 2024.
  • The monthly growth rate of Flutter stands at a robust 10%.
  • As of January 2024, approximately 10,000 Flutter apps have been uploaded to Google Play within the last month.
  • According to a Stack Overflow survey conducted in January 2024, 12.64% of respondents prefer Flutter.
  • Among professional developers, Flutter's preference rate is 12.56%

Selecting the Best Flutter App Development Company in the UK Is Crucial

Knowledge and Experience:

Not every business is made equal. Join forces with a group that can produce high-caliber applications, has shown proficiency in Flutter development, and is aware of the subtleties of the UK market. 

Portfolio and Performance History:

Seek for businesses that, especially in your sector or with comparable app objectives, have a substantial portfolio of well-received Flutter applications. This demonstrates their skills and capacity to bring ideas to life. 

Interaction & Cooperation:

Select a business that values effective communication, is aware of your demands, and actively participates in the growth process. Open communication fosters trust and produces superior outcomes. 


Although price is a factor, consider the lowest choice. To prevent sacrificing quality, consider the value proposition, long-term advantages, and any possible hidden expenses. 

Security and Compliance:

Ensure your selected business complies with UK data privacy laws and has robust security measures to safeguard user information and personal data. 

Maintainability and Scalability:

Consider alternatives to launch. Select a provider that can help your app develop in the future and handle regular upgrades and maintenance to maintain it safe and functional. 

Team Dynamics and Cultural Fit

A strong collaboration transcends technical expertise. Look for a firm whose beliefs and culture coincide with your own and whose staff you are eager to work with and feel at ease with. 

Customer Testimonials and Evaluations:

Check out the reviews left by other companies regarding their interactions with the company. Positive reviews and testimonials establish trust, and useful insights may be gained from them. 

Tools and the Technology Stack:

Make sure the business uses the newest Flutter tools and technologies to maximize the speed and efficiency of your app. 

Zeal and Inventiveness:

Never accept mediocrity. Select a business that is enthusiastic about Flutter, stays up to date on industry developments, and is prepared to push the limits of what is feasible for your app. 

Top 10 Flutter App Development Firms in the United Kingdom, 2024


#1 Mtoag Technology 

Mtoag Technology is a UK-known Flutter app development business. We provide a wide range of Flutter application development services specifically designed to create robust, natively compiled natively compiled cross-platform apps that meet our customers' specific needs. Imagine your brilliant app concept, full of promise, realized with stunning design and faultless execution. That's the magic of Mtoag Technologies, an app development company that has been turning visions into mobile masterpieces for over ten years. 

Founding Year: 2009

Website: https://www.mtoag.com 

Email address: sales@mtoag.com 

Clutch: 5

Mobile app development bundle on Clutch: https://clutch.co/profile/mtoag-technologies 

Rating for GoodFirms: 5.0

GoodFirms profile: https://www.goodfirms.co/company/mtoag-technologies 

LinkedIn page: https://in.linkedin.com/company/mtoag-technologies 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mtoagindia/ 

Twitter: https://x.com/Mtoagtech1/status/1542072510187175936 

Instagram: mtoag_technology 

Employees: 20+

Hourly Rate: $25-$50

Essential Services: Native, Flutter, React Native app development & Cross-platform app development, UI/UX design, DevOps, QA testing, blockchain

Industries Served: Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Finance, E-commerce

Global Reach: Europe, USA, Australia, India

Technology Focus: Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Python

Commitment to Quality: ISO 9001:2015 certified, Agile methodologies, 4.7 average rating on Google Reviews 

Mtoag Technology creates experiences rather than simply applications. They do more than write code. With the help of Flutter, a state-of-the-art framework, their team of more than fifty wizards can create applications that are:

Native-Smooth: No fancy techniques are needed, just lightning-fast performance and charming animations on iOS and Android.


Eye-Catching: Designs created by visual sorcerers who know how to make pixels sing that capture and convert.

Adaptable & Agile: Need to change course? Not a problem! With the iterative technique of Mtoag Technology, you can modify your software like a shape-shifting potion.

The Pixel Dust Holds the Proof:

Significant progress has been achieved in creating Flutter apps by Mtoag Technology. They have worked extensively as a mobile app development business and have an excellent grasp of Flutter app development. For both iOS and Android, their Flutter app development services are dependable. Over time, they have been constantly improving their platform to make it more user-friendly. 

Client Speak:

Several satisfied customers have left good reviews about Mtoag Technology. A US-based customer said that they depend on Mtoag Technology to speed up their production processes and that their exceptional service has continuously outperformed expectations on several projects. Another Canadian customer commended Mtoag Technologies for their outstanding support and affordable prices. 

Are you prepared to see your app concept transform?

https://www.mtoag.com  is the website.

Unleash the potential of Mtoag Technology and see your app concept take off and become a masterpiece for your phone. Recall that Mtoag Technology is where, one pixel at a time, dreams come true in the app development world. 

#2 Ideas Transformed by MultiQoS Technologies

Contemplate a notion. A platform that links people globally, an app that changes the game, and an efficient business tool. Imagine it now, brought to life faultless, elegant, and seamless. MultiQoS Technologies carries out this function. 

We are alchemists, not simply programmers, turning unpolished concepts into refined digital gold. What's our element of secret? Flutter. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, we can create high-performing, cross-platform mobile applications that excel on iOS and Android. 


Established Year: 2020 saw the founding of MultiQoS.

Employees: 101 to 150 people work for the firm.

Rate per Hour: $25 to $100

Some of their primary offerings are UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development, Software Development, AI/ML Development, and Big Data Analytics.

Industries Served: They provide services to the following sectors: sports, fintech, education, real estate, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, travel and tourism, fitness and wellness, and media and entertainment.

Global Reach: MultiQoS is a well-known business with a sizable digital presence on a worldwide scale.

Technology Focus: They concentrate on various technologies, including cloud computing, digital transformation, web development, and Flutter app development.

#3 Alchemy App: Developing Concepts with a UK Team

Are you trying to find a trustworthy and reasonably priced UK-based web and mobile app development company? Would you want to collaborate with a group of professionals who can use Flutter to create beautiful cross-platform apps? If so, consider Team in the UK, the top web development company in the country with over 10,000 satisfied customers over the last 20 years and a CMMI level 3 appraisal. 

Established Year: 2017

Employees: 50–200 workers are employed.

Hourly Wage: The precise fee per Hour is between $25 and $49

Essential Services: Alchemy offers robust tools, SDKs, and APIs for creating and growing web3 applications. With improved APIs, developer tools, and a dependable and scalable node architecture, they provide a comprehensive developer platform for creating web3 applications.


Industries Served: Alchemy mainly provides services to the decentralized application (Dapp) and blockchain industries.

Global Reach: Alchemy provides power to millions of people in 197 nations.

Technology Focus: Alchemy's primary goal is to enable developers to create outstanding blockchain-enabled apps by offering the required platform layer.

#4 What the Flutter?

What the Flutter is a Flutter development company that provides various services, such as web development, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and Flutter app development. More than a thousand committed experts work for them directly, and in offices, they own in Australia, India, and the UK. They have completed more than 20,000 projects on schedule, under budget, and in various fields and sectors. 


Workers: WTF employs around 20 people.

Hourly pricing: The $25 to $492 hourly pricing range is offered.

Essential Services: Flutter development is an important service.

Industries Served: The Flutter industry is mainly served by mobile applications and Flutter.

#5 Redwerk

Redwerk is a software development company specializing in making desktop, mobile, and online applications for various operating systems and sectors. In its more than 18 years of experience, Redwerk has shown its competence and dependability as a technology partner for companies of all sizes, completing more than 250 projects. 

One of Redwerk's differentiators is its use of Flutter, Google's UI toolkit for creating stunning and highly performant applications for several platforms. Redwerk has successfully used Flutter in several applications, demonstrating its benefits and advantages. 


Established Year: Redwerk was established in 2005.

Workers: Redwerk employs around 82 people.

Hourly Wage: The hourly Wage is $80 on average.

Essential Services: Redwerk's primary services include SaaS development, mobile development, web development, and best Redwerk's are solutions.

Areas Served: Redwerk has experience working with companies in several areas, such as business automation and eCommerce.

Global Reach: Redwerk has collaborated with over 170 companies from 22 nations.

Redwerk's has expertise is in web2 and web3 applications.

#6 IIH Global

IIH Global is a software development company that provides desktop, mobile, and online applications for various operating systems and sectors. With more than 160 satisfied customers and more than 10 years of expertise, IIH Global has established itself as a dependable and creative technology partner for companies of all sizes. 

IIH Global offers full-cycle services for developing software products, including all stages from design and planning to testing and implementation. IIH Global can assist you with realizing your concept, whether for a complicated web application, a cross-platform mobile app, or a unique SaaS solution. 


Establishment Year: In 2013, IIH Global was established.

Employees: IIH Global employs more than 80 people.

Hourly Wage: $25 to $80

Essential Services: IIH Global provides a range of IT services, such as enterprise app development, mobile app development (covering Flutter, iOS, Android, iBeacon, Wearable, B2B, IoT, and Ionic apps), web development (using technologies like ReactJS, Laravel, Angular, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Cake PHP, Zend, Symfony), and CMS & eCommerce solutions (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce).

Industries Served: IIH Global services customers in various sectors, including construction, real estate, education, recruitment, and pharmaceuticals.

Worldwide Reach: With a top-notch abroad workforce and a significant presence in the UK, IIH Global has a worldwide reach.

IIH Global technology emphasis includes a range of contemporary technologies, including mobile, infrastructural, front-end, database, back-end, and DevOps.

#7 Classic Informatics

Envision a scenario where your app concept takes off, engaging consumers and exceeding their expectations. That's what Classic Informatics does, not by magic but by extraordinary coding and unrelenting commitment. 

We are digital dream architects, not simply software developers. We combine in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology like Flutter to produce beautiful, practical applications that provide outcomes. 


Established Year: In 2002, Classic Informatics was established.

Employees: Classic Informatics employs around 160 people. According to a different report, they use 250 people.

Hourly Wage: $25 - $300 per Hour.

Important Services: Classic Informatics provides IT services such as web development, mobile app development, enterprise application development, content management and APIs, process automation, business intelligence, and others.

Industries Served: Classic Informatics has a wealth of expertise working as a partner with businesses in various industries, including government, retail, tourism, healthcare, and fintech.

Worldwide Reach: Classic Informatics is a web and mobile app development company with a worldwide reach6. They completed more than 2000 projects.

Technology Focus: Classic Informatics leverages cutting-edge technology and methodologies to create high-performing and aesthetically pleasing products and applications.

#8 TechGropse

Are you sick of applications that burn and crash? Let TechGropse be your ideal app's starting point, transforming your ideas into explosive mobile experiences. We are propulsion engineers, not simply developers, and we will give your app the extra push it needs to dominate the market. 


Year of Founding: TechGropse was established in 2015.

TechGropse employs around fifty-one professionals.

Hourly Wage: $40 to $90.

Important Services: TechGropse provides digital marketing, web design and development, and mobile app development services. It has extensive experience creating native mobile applications for a range of market niches.

Industries Served: TechGropse has worked with customers in several industries, including restaurants, retail, healthcare, and taxis.

Global Reach: With offices in the UK, India, the USA, Singapore, and the UAE, TechGropse is a web and mobile app development firm with a worldwide reach.

Technology Focus: TechGropse is committed to using cutting-edge technology to create customized, one-of-a-kind, and cutting-edge online and mobile applications.

#9 Codigee

Codigee is a Flutter development company that focuses on making responsive and mobile apps for various platforms and gadgets. Codigee can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you need to start from zero while creating a new product or transfer from another technology to Flutter. 


Established Year: Codigee was established in 2019.

Employee: Codigee employs thirty seasoned specialists.

Hourly Wage: The hourly Wage is $45 on average.

Essential Services: Codigee is an expert in Flutter programming. They provide team augmentation, online and desktop development, and mobile app creation and upgrades.

Industries covered: The data provided does not identify the precise industries covered. Nonetheless, they have created applications for the real estate, consumer products, and financial sectors.

Global Reach: The data currently provided needs to give a precise global reach. But they are in Poland, namely, in Poznań.

Codigee's emphasis is on Flutter technology.

#10 Intellivita

With its headquarters in Leeds, UK, intelivita is a web and mobile app development company passionate about providing tech-disrupting solutions to its customers so that their businesses may transform the world. They offer a broad range of IT services, including virtual and augmented reality app development, e-commerce, and mobile app development. They use the newest technological advancements to produce visually appealing and effective apps. 


Established Year: The year Intelivita was founded was 2014.

Employees: Intelivita employs more than fifty-one developers.

Hourly Wage: $100 to $200

Important Services: Intelivita provides IT services such as software development, app development, website development, game development, and UI/UX design.

Sectors served: Intelivita offers specialized software solutions to healthcare, finance, logistics, education, fleet management, retail, manufacturing, real estate, oil and gas, event management, and sports.

Global Reach: Small-to-large enterprises in the UK and worldwide choose Intelivita as their solution.

Technology Focus: Intelivita uses state-of-the-art equipment and a tech stack that is compatible with several platforms.


Choosing the best Flutter app development company in the UK is more than just making commercial decisions—it's about fostering a strategic partnership that determines the success of digital projects. Our article highlights the top Flutter app developers in the UK for 2024, showcasing a mosaic of skill, originality, and unwavering commitment to providing excellent solutions.

When selecting a Flutter app development company, we consider several factors, including technical proficiency, industry knowledge, portfolio evaluation, scalability, easy communication, quality assurance, stringent security protocols, financial alignment, post-development support, and client endorsements. These standards provide a comprehensive road map for firms navigating the difficult terrain of digital transformation.

This blog is a valuable compass, guiding businesses toward the most suitable ally for their digital transformation. By carefully weighing the attributes above, companies can make an informed decision when selecting a Flutter app development company in the UK. Collaborating with the right partner ensures that current projects are completed without hiccups and lays the groundwork for a sustainable and future-proof digital presence.

These top 10 Flutter app development companies in the UK are more than just service providers; they are innovators, facilitators of digital transformation, and partners in organizations' ongoing success in the constantly changing technology landscape.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses select Flutter?

Flutter is regarded as one of the top options for mobile app development, particularly for cross-platform app development. Its unique methodology, which combines the best of cross-platform and native development, enables companies to develop digital solutions swiftly.

Why does India excel at developing software?

India has become the world’s top outsourcing hub for several factors, including the amount of talent, low costs, simple availability, customer happiness, and excellent economic growth.

Flutter or React Native, which is best for mobile application development?

Both are the leading cross-platform frameworks, but Flutter stands out in terms of the effective and faster development cycle. Read our blog Flutter vs React Native for more clarity.

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