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How can Mobile App Development be Beneficial for Startups?

Globally, the number of smartphone users is growing. In 2026, there will be more than 7500 billion smartphone users globally, predicts Statista. Mobile applications are the only effective method to connect with customers. Every business under the sun may benefit from mobility with a tailored enterprise app, whether they produce apps for Android or iOS.

The ideas of automation and digital transformation have become more prevalent in recent years among businesses. Customized mobile applications play a big part in integrating these ideas into the system. These days, mobile app development is increasingly included in company strategies across all industries, regardless of size and operation.

Speaking about startups and SMEs (Small and Mid-sized Enterprises), they take advantage of new technological advancements and expand their customer base by developing feature-rich, faultless mobile applications. For instance, a US-based startup app development company may greatly expand its operations with the aid of iOS application developers. Startups require specialized business applications since they can reach a large audience quickly and easily.

Let's examine the main justifications for mobile applications in startups in 2022 and beyond. Before that, however, we will explore the range of available mobile applications.

Market Size for Mobile Applications

Everything began in 2004 when smartphones and tablets were responsible for more than 60% of all web traffic. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media applications began to get the most traffic. Mobility saw a sharp increase in popularity around the globe in only a few years. The mobile app industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries, with an estimated market value of $311 249 million in 2023, according to the Allied Market Research on the Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2016-2023.

Due to the rising demand for mobile applications, startup competition is becoming more intense, and user expectations are getting higher. Many different applications are used every day by billions of smartphone users to do a variety of activities. There is an app for every move nearby, whether it is working out or doing business, picking up new skills, or putting online purchases. People spend around three hours daily using mobile applications for social networking, music streaming, to-do lists, and other activities. It is not an overstatement that smartphone applications have ingrained themselves into our daily lives.

Here are the top seven justifications for investing in Android or iOS app development to expand your startup and quickly generate a significant return on investment.

Top Motivators for Investing in Mobile App Development for Your Startup

  • User Interaction

Whether you own a startup or a small to medium-sized company, you must speak to a sizable audience of prospective clients. Nowadays, mobile applications may serve as a link between businesses and consumers. You may reach out to your clients via a mobile app, which is a compelling digital strategy. Nowadays, most people own smartphones, making mobile apps a powerful platform to reach numerous consumers. Through a customized app, you may interact directly with app users, collect valuable data, and keep them interested for a long time.

  • Income Generation

A mobile app is a tool for communicating with your customers or other app users. Your company app raises awareness of your goods and services since it is the quickest and most practical communication channel. It assists small, and big businesses grow their conversion rates, boosting their total income. As per poll, 70% consumers decide whether or not to support a firm based on interactions and experiences with the brand. Additionally, mobile applications may more clearly display the items while improving transparency.

  • Customer Opinions

Every organization may benefit from customer input to enhance offerings and operations. In the case of startups, client feedback always enables owners to make the required adjustments to their approach while putting clients at the core. A bespoke mobile app may help you get insightful client feedback. Your startup may become more promising and competitive by putting the customer's ideas into practice. You may quickly learn about issues and what your clients want through feedback. You can ensure your consumers get what they desire by correcting the problems in the user's comments.  

  • Branding

An official survey shows shoppers perceive physical items as more enticing than those shown on their cellphones. Mobile applications may help you take advantage of this trend's advantages and establish your company's identity. Your firm may effortlessly connect with customers and make it straightforward for them to buy your services or products. Your startup effectively grows to be larger than its competitors. You may get a competitive edge and spend less on branding. A mobile app with cutting-edge features may benefit your company and help you succeed.

  • Marketing

A feature-rich corporate app is a very effective and economical instrument for your startup's internet marketing. Contrary to popular belief, creating a mobile app may market your brand more effectively than building a dedicated website. You can expect to see a significant return on investment over time. Using a mobile app is simple to target a specific audience. For instance, you may employ iOS application developers to create a user-friendly iOS app if you want to target a particular iPhone user base in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

  • Manifestation and Loyalty

A feature-rich app with smooth functioning may dramatically increase your startup's exposure. You may employ application developers for iOS or Android to include a rewards system in your app. A programme like this may open many doors for your company. Your personalized business app may quickly draw in many prospective clients if it has all the required information, simple navigation, user-friendly features, and perfect performance. It may increase your startup's exposure and help you with online company promotion. Your clients will have unexpected sentiments for your business when the app offers them a customized experience, which will help you create a loyal customer base.

  • Data Gathering

Do you want real-time access to additional client information? Do you like to learn more about their buying habits, preferences, and loves and dislikes? Monitoring and regularly gathering user information about the user's behavior, frequent visits, interests, questions, and preferences. You may develop a solid plan and provide tailored services to your consumers with the aid of this rich data. By examining the app-based data, you can also make the adjustments to your company models that are required to keep more customers –centric.

A beginning firm must contend with several obstacles and fierce competition in the current business environment. It can help firms reach a large audience, reduce operating expenses significantly, and automate repetitive tasks. Before creating customized applications, entrepreneurs must examine every significant area of Android and iOS app development.

Challenges while Hiring Developers for Startups                 

While not all companies are startups, all startups are businesses. Startups, in contrast to well-established companies, create everything from scratch.

As a result, they face unique difficulties when trying to hire engineers for a business.

  • Local Tech Skill Shortage

The lack of local IT expertise is one of the most significant problems businesses have when hiring engineers. If you live in what we call "the tech centers," most local developers are either currently employed by a major corporation or vying for positions at the following digital giants. On the other side, obtaining qualified tech personnel might not be easy if you are located in a location that is not a well-known tech cluster. Several businesses recruit offshore engineers to fill the skills gap in their teams.

  • Costs Associated with Employing Internal App Developers

A company must consider remote developers as team members even if they decide to recruit the best app developers for startups from offshore regions. As a result, you must pay employees fixed wages and make software infrastructure investments for your remote workforce. Additionally, you must pay the salaries of extra employees who oversee your development staff. The price of giving your internal force includes app developers, security, incentives, and other rewards. So, it stands to reason that employing app developers is a sizable fixed and ongoing investment for companies.

  • Retaining Talent Challenges

Let's say that your company did hire the best IT staff. You could stay afloat even with the added expenses of employing app developers. Then what? Your startup cannot bond your team. Professional app developers always look to improve their work or take on more challenging projects.

Additionally, IT behemoths are always on the lookout for new developers. Therefore, despite significant manual and financial expenditures, businesses often struggle to retain their acquired talent. It's crucial to consider the effects of the inability to keep app developers.

  • No or a Freshly Established HR Department

For a reason, startups are given that name. They are just starting a business and have very little money (unless they are fully funded). More crucially, they are navigating team dynamics, procedures, and operations. You can lose out on some very excellent prospects if you don't have all these pipelines and systems in place since you won't be able to reply to them promptly. Or, even worse, you can pass on dozens of perfectly qualified people who are readily accessible simply because you could not draught the job description effectively. One of the startup's most significant obstacles is the lack of a strong HR department.

  • Lacking Time

Startups thrive on their ability to compete on price and lead time to market. Therefore, founders and co-founders start working hard right away. They must balance various tasks, including choosing the product strategy, creating budgets, seeking funding, and many others. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't afford to invest much time or money or a recruiting plan in this situation. As a result, there is a lot of back and forth, and engineers often join and leave companies.

Now that you know the challenges of hiring a developer for a startup let's learn some tricks or ways to find an app developer for a startup. These ways will help you and your company to potentially invest in the right person so that you can generate more revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Read this blog further and learn the best ways to hire developers.

How to Employ a Developer of Apps for Your Startup

Use these essential factors to narrow down your possibilities. If you want to outsource development or wish to find an app developer, then read further.

  • Both expertise and work samples

Confirming an app developer's industry expertise before hiring them is critical. Look for applicants or suppliers who have produced quality applications in the past. Check out their portfolio and request recommendations from past clients. Several B2B directories might aid in your search for the ideal match. For instance, a clutch is a fantastic tool for swiftly skimming a lengthy list of possible applicants.

Check the vendor's Clutch ratings and the customer feedback they have received. Reviews provide a glimpse into what it will be like to work with a particular applicant. These evaluations can assist you in determining a vendor's dependability and gauging their commitment to your project over the long run.

  • Dynamism and Thought Leadership in Relevant Areas

Leadership executives at app development organizations significantly impact the strategy and execution of product development. When they take interviews, they ask technology-related questions, and through this, they learn about the person's knowledge. This way, one talented and experienced person got a chance to showcase his skills in the mobile app industry.  

  • Technologies Your Prospective App Developer Utilizes

While you could be a startup right now, you won't still be one in two or three years. It would be best if you considered how your app would work in the future. The technology employed to create the app directly influences its scalability and capacity to be improved. Employ an app developer or an app development firm with knowledge about current technology.

  • The Criterion for Project Management and Communication

How can you tell whether the applicant you consider employing will guarantee that your software is delivered on schedule? You can trust a vendor if they provide a timeframe and discuss the specific Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) they adhere to. A project's cost-effectiveness and timing are significantly influenced by project management. Therefore, inquire about SDLC and its project management tools when shortlisting applicants.

These are the practical ways to find app developer for your startups or SMEs. If you still find difficulty, you can come to us and work with one of the best developers. Additionally, now most people want a customized mobile app. So, if you are going to start your business, you need to focus more on custom mobile apps. But before that, let's know what the development of custom mobile apps is with its benefits for startups.

What Is the Development of Custom Mobile Apps?

Here, the name very well speaks for itself. Creating applications particularly suited to your company's requirements is known as custom app development. Such an app is developed to answer the demands of a specific audience rather than the needs of the whole population, whether it is wholly or partly personalized. Custom mobile app development for startups sometimes called bespoke or custom software provides the capability and capabilities that straightforward off-the-shelf alternatives do not.

The majority of applications available are custom-based. However, many contain third-party, off-the-shelf functionality that has been incorporated. Such connections are often developed for chats, bulletin boards, CRMs, and other features.

Send bird, for instance, is a well-liked option for applications that include a pre-made messaging chatbot in their offering. Such a chatbot may be somewhat changed in design colors even though it is incorporated. You still have limited ability to alter it. So, if a built-in app is unable to meet your objectives, you can need to create a unique chat.

For instance, we instantly declined the chance to use a pre-made chat while developing Yaza, a video-sharing software for realtors. We had to create a unique conversation since pre-made solutions did not provide sharing of customized video messages, better serving the objectives of the app.

While the ready-to-use choice is perfectly OK, sometimes you need something special.

The same holds for your company. Those commercially available solutions can only address your company's essential requirements, leaving out some objectives that, although not fundamental, are nonetheless essential to your success.

Benefits of Developing Custom Apps for Businesses

The advantages of custom development over ready-made solutions are as follows:

  • Improved Security

The security of your data may be threatened by the absence of specific security measures in general business applications. Using data encryption, creating a custom app enables you to install particular security measures tailored to your company's needs and eliminate potential risks and hazards. A tailored method also satisfies the demands of different OS and APIs.

  • Extreme Scalability

Regular applications are often created to handle a particular set of resources. It's not inherently harmful, but as your organization expands, generic applications may struggle to manage heavier data loads.

In contrast to conventional applications, this issue may be readily fixed with custom app creation. It is so because such specifications are often taken into account when creating custom applications. It makes it simple to scale them up if the need arises.

  • Simpler to Maintain

Using a generic app, you depend on an unidentified mobile app development team. You will be without continual development if you decide to halt development. You have complete control over creating and maintaining a customized app and are not at the mercy of anybody else.

  • Putting the Competitive Advantage in Focus

Competitive advantages are of utmost significance for every firm, particularly startups. In this situation, off-the-shell solutions seldom have room to grow and add new features. Custom apps may assist you in showcasing your company's competitive advantages and differentiating your goods on the market.


Mobile applications are a crucial tool for launching companies. No matter the size of your business, developing a startup app should be your top priority for various reasons. Hire the finest startup mobile app firm to complete these tasks and create a unique app that accurately represents your company.

ProCoders can assist you in understanding all the factors involved in finding a developer partner for a company. After all, if you perform your research before starting a project, you have a far higher chance of swiftly matching with the appropriate developers.

Our expertise has shown that the correct developer match, supplied swiftly, may move your company or startup from the planning stages to a smooth launch. You can't swiftly hire web developers for a startup that will help you enter the market ahead of the competition. If you do your homework and have the right consulting business on your side, then only you can progress with growth.

Your success will depend on how well you manage the team-building process, whether you discover and employ a web, app, software, or development partner. Invest in partners who can change things.

Yogesh Pant

Yogesh Pant is a CEO and founder of Mtoag Technologies, a Top mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development.

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