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The Happn App: Is It Real? Reviews for 2024

Happn is a well-known dating app that links people who have crossed paths by using location-based technologies. Happn provides a special chance to reconnect with the folks you pass daily if you’ve ever wondered about them. However, is the Happn app reliable and authentic? To assist you in determining if Happn is the best dating app for you, we’ll look at some frank app reviews in this post. 


The Happn app is authentic! How? Let’s know

Important Lessons

  • Happn is a dating app that links people who have crossed paths. 
  • Happn is a new idea dating app with a sleek UI, yet it isn’t as popular as some other dating applications. 
  • Happn profiles could be shallower than those on other dating apps.
  • Users may easily register for an account by using their Google or Apple login credentials.
  • Happn provides paid subscriptions with more features as well as a free version with restrictions.

Getting Happn Started

If you’re prepared to start using Happn for dating, just follow these easy steps to get going. Happn is a free program that users may download and use on several platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android. 

Disclaimer: For satirical and entertaining reasons, this website provides general information about people, brands, and companies. It is neither a reliable source nor a source of financial advice. Content may not be current as it is based on a variety of internet sources. When making choices, visitors should independently confirm the material and consult a specialist. All pictures are just for illustration purposes and don’t depict actual goods or people. 

Happn’s account creation process is simple. Using your Apple or Google login credentials, you may instantly register and save time and effort. The app will ask you a few quick questions to complete your profile once you’ve logged in. By asking these questions, the app can better understand your preferred genders and dating goals, which improves matches. 

Don’t worry, however; Happn offers more than just the basics. You may customize your profile by adding more information about yourself, including your height, your workout regimen, and even your culinary prowess. This gives prospective partners a better idea of your personality and areas of interest by showcasing them. 

The ability for profiles to specify whether a person is local or simply visiting is one of Happn’s distinctive characteristics. When choosing someone to connect with, this information might be helpful, particularly if you’re seeking nearby connections.  

Full Happn Profile

Complete your profile if you want to improve your chances of making significant contacts on Happn. Giving the app’s algorithm as much pertinent information as you can helps in matching you with appropriate people. Being open and honest about your dating goals is essential, regardless of whether you’re searching for a casual or committed relationship. 

"Users can easily enter the dating world with Happn's user-friendly interface and simple setup process." Sarah, a user of Happn

After learning how to use Happn, it’s time to investigate its features and find possible matches. To get the most out of your Happn experience, don’t forget to be proactive and involved.



Clever location-based features 

Limited free version

Stylish and user-friendly interface 

Profiles may lack substance

Video verification for added safety

Presence of fake profiles and scammers

Robust community of users

As you can see, happn has benefits and drawbacks. You must consider these aspects and choose if the app suits your requirements and interests. Happn, which has millions of members worldwide, provides a distinctive and fashionable online dating experience that could be worth a go. 

What Is the Price of Happn?

Users may choose between Happn’s paid membership and its free version. Although the free version gives users access to basic functionality, it has certain restrictions, such as a daily swipe limit and the display of advertisements. Users have the option to upgrade to the premium membership to access more features and have a better overall experience. 

The following is the price of Happn's premium subscriptions:


Monthly Cost

Yearly Subscription 

$10 per month

Monthly Subscription 

$25 per month

Purchasing a premium subscription to Happn has several advantages, such as:

  • Elimination of advertisements
  • Infinite favorites
  • Additional FlashNotes per day to convey more profiles

With no restrictions or interruptions, users may explore the app with ease and continuous enjoyment when they have a premium membership. Additionally, it offers more customization and flexibility to accommodate personal tastes.

Users may improve their whole dating experience and perhaps raise their chances of making significant connections by purchasing Happn's premium membership.

Happn's Particular Features

Happn distinguishes itself from other dating apps with a wide range of special features that improve the user experience. These elements provide chances for more individualized interactions in addition to adding excitement. 

FlashNote: Customized Questions

One of Happn’s most notable features is FlashNote. Based on the data in the profiles, it enables users to pose customized queries. This feature lets users immediately get to know one another better by facilitating the beginning of meaningful discussions. 

Voicemails: An Intimate Touch

Happn is unique in that it also allows audio messages to be sent. By using this tool, users may record and send audio messages to add a personal touch to their chats. By enabling users to express their personalities and feelings via their voices, it gives online dating a more genuine and personal touch. 

Connect with Spotify: Similar Tastes in Music

Happn provides a smooth integration experience with the well-known must-streaming service Spotify. Users may share their musical preferences with possible mates by linking their Happn profiles to their Spotify accounts. By fostering meaningful relationships based on similar musical preferences, this function adds even more compatibility.  

CrushTime: An Enjoyable Guessing Game

CrushTime is one of the fun features of Happn. Users who have liked their profiles are shown to them in the game. The catch is that users have to choose which of the four profiles that are shown as interested in them they should guess. Users may connect with possible mates and it creates a sense of interest and excitement. 

Future Audio Feature

Happn intends to launch an audio component in September 2021 to improve the immersive dating experience even further. By enabling phone calls, this feature will probably increase user engagement and foster more sincere and meaningful conversations.

All things considered, Happn’s distinctive qualities add to its allure. These elements improve the user experience and encourage interactions based on compatibility and common interests. Examples of these features include audio messaging, tailored inquiries, and syncing with Spotify. 

Reviews and Ratings of the Happn App

User Reviews that Happen

  • "Using Happn has been a terrific experience for me! I've connected with some very interesting people via the app, and it's great to see who I've crossed paths with." – Megan
  • Though Happenn is a novel idea, I don't think the free version offers anything. My experience was enhanced by upgrading to the premium membership, however there is a price. – Jason
  • It may be disheartening to see phony accounts on Happn, as I have on occasion. To keep the neighborhood secure, it is important to exercise caution and report any suspicious activities. Sarah "Happn is simple to use and has a clean UI. Still, I wish user profiles had more nuance. It's a good app overall for meeting new folks. – Alex

How to Spot Internet Dating Fraud?

Scams involving online dating are a real worry while using any dating app, such as Happn. It’s crucial to use care and adhere to these rules to guarantee a fun and safe experience:

Watch Out for Accounts That Appear Too Good to Be True

Be wary of profiles that seem too wonderful to be true or too flawless while looking through them. To trick naïve people, scammers often fabricate accounts with alluring pictures and enticing narratives. If anything seems odd, go with caution and follow your instincts. 

Refrain from Disclosing Financial or Personal Information

Be careful when sharing personal and financial information on dating apps to safeguard your data. Refrain from giving anybody you meet online personal information like your social security number, home address, or bank account data. It’s better to err on the side of caution since genuine relationships take time to blossom. 

File a Suspicious Activity Report

Report any suspicious behavior right away to Happn’s customer care staff if you think a profile could be fraudulent or used in scams. By doing this, you assist in keeping the environment safe for all users and shielding others from being victims of fraud. 

Look Up and Read Sincere User Testimonials

Before using any dating app, including Happn, do your homework and read actual user evaluations. Reviews of the Happn app that are sincere may provide important information about the usability, security features, and dependability of the app. By gaining knowledge from the experiences of others, you may choose which applications to trust with more knowledge.  

Recall that even if there are many exciting opportunities with online dating, it’s important to prioritize your safety and be alert. You may have a safer and more fulfilling experience on Happn or any other dating app by taking these safety measures. 

Principal Alternatives for Happn

Happn has fierce competition in the dating app industry from a number of well-known sites. These major rivals strive to pair users with possible matches by providing comparable features and functionalities. When selecting the dating app that best suits your requirements, it’s essential to take into account the features, user reviews, and ratings of these rivals.  

OkCupid: The Free Online Dating App 

OkCupid launches Stacks to make it easier for you to find your match | Tech  News

One well-known dating app lets users go on blind dates. OKCupid is a popular dating app with millions of users due to its numerous entertaining features. OKCuoid is a simple, effective, and cost-free dating app for simple people that allows users to locate others who share their interests. Make sure to be truthful in your profile if you’re looking for compatible and similar matches. For the app to recommend the most appropriate and interested individuals to swipe right, please answer all questions truthfully. With over 30 different sorts and sexual orientations, it is the most inclusive dating app. OkCupid offers two upgrade options: Free and Premium. 

Bumble: The Location-Based Dating App 

One of the most well-liked Happn alternatives that allow women to continue the conversation is Bumble. If “she” doesn’t reply within a day, the text window closes. BFF functions facilitate meeting new individuals. For women looking for networking opportunities, acquaintances, and connections, Bumble is better suited. Bumble offers two distinct features: Bumble Bizz (networking) and Bumble BFF (friends). This is a women-only app where women may start a discussion; males cannot chat in the beginning. It’s not like Happn, where a female may post a message 24 hours after swiping. It’s a little better than other applications like Happn because of the possibility of having a tight chat window and, in particular, since it’s a women-oriented app. 

Plenty of Fish: The Free Online Dating App from Canada


The software, Plenty of Fish, is seen to be the friendliest approach to data. This is an established dating app that has been around for a while and lets people connect. Furthermore, users may exchange messages without initially matching. They may have a conversation to determine whether or not they should keep dating. Although there is a paid version available, the program is accessible for free use. The subscription concept is pay-per-use, and you may utilize it further with more features.

Zoosk: The Dating App 

How to Find Someone on Zoosk – TechCult

With over 80 countries and 25 languages supported, Zoosk is a versatile dating platform for those looking for casual or committed relationships. It is among the most well-liked and well-known dating services on the planet. The greatest alternative for Happn, which individuals use for dating, hookups, casual flings, long-term partnerships, and other purposes, is Zoosk. It is the most demanding and greatest daring app, with around 40 million members globally. With more accuracy, Zoosk’s matching algorithms like user according to their interests and use patterns inside the app. Furthermore, it enables users to participate in virtual speed dating, make live broadcasts, and exchange virtual presents.


You now have a clear understanding of how Happn operates and what to anticipate while using it, thanks to this review of Happn. You've come to the perfect site if you're searching for dating guidance and assistance that goes beyond the typical suggestions and helps you get better outcomes.

We can handle your dating apps and websites and set you up with your ideal matches in less time than a New York minute. We will compose your profile, correspond with your matches, and organize the dates. It only requires turning up and having a good time!


Is the Happn App Legit?

Happn is a legitimate dating app with over 100 million users. However, like any dating app, it is important to exercise caution and be aware of potential scams.

How do I get started with Happn?

To get started with Happn, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Sign in with your Apple or Google credentials, and set up your profile by adding information such as your preferred genders and dating intentions.

How much does Happn cost?

Happn offers a free version with limited features. However, there is also a premium subscription option that ranges from $10 per month (with a yearly subscription) to $25 per month (with a monthly subscription).

What are Happn’s interface and search tools like?

Happn has a sleek and stylish interface that is easy to navigate. The app features a unique location-based matching system and offers search filters to help you narrow down your preferences for better matches.

What are Happn’s unique features?

Happn offers several unique features, including the FlashNote feature for personalized questions, the ability to send voice messages, syncing with Spotify for music sharing, and the CrushTime game where you can guess who likes you.

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