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Want to be a Laravel Developer? Know Cost and Everything About It

You are probably developing a web application that adheres to the MVC paradigm and has a dependable backed system if you are looking to employ a Laravel developer. It has been shown that Laravel is a stable, secure, and scalable framework for creating intricate websites and business applications. Having developed over 44,000 websites, Laravel is quickly gaining recognition as one of the top web development frameworks. Its developers must be found by looking for the finest among those having layered application development experience.

We are shedding light on this crucial subject today, which is something that owners of start-ups and medium-sized businesses often think about.

What Is Laravel?

You should familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Laravel before considering a career in Laravel development.

A development framework called Laravel is used to create web pages and web apps. On June 9, 2011, Taylor Otwell, the author of Laravel, published the beta version. Eight significant iterations of Laravel have been released since then, including:

  • September 2011 saw the introduction of Laravel 2.
  • 2012 saw the introduction of Laravel 3.
  • May 2013 saw the introduction of Laravel 4, also known as "Illuminate."
  • February 2015 saw the introduction of Laravel 5.
  • 2019 saw the release of Laravel 6.
  • March 2020 saw the release of Laravel 7.
  • Released in September 2020 is Laravel 8.
  • January 2022 saw the release of Laravel 9.
  • February 2023 saw the release of Laravel 10.

How Is Laravel Put to Use?

Developers utilize the open-source Laravel PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) framework to create websites. Using a PHP framework, developers may rapidly construct web applications by accessing a library of pre-programmed modules.

Despite widespread accusations that PHP is “dead”, developers continue to use it. According to statistics, PHP is used on around 78.9% of all websites that employ a server-side programming language.

To grasp how Laravel works, you must be aware of two fundamental concepts.

The first thing to keep in mind is that PHP, which is used by Laravel, is a scripting language rather than a general-purpose programming language (which is usually simply referred to as “programming language”).

Although programming languages and scripting languages are similar, programming languages compile during compilation, whereas scripting languages are platform-specific and compile during runtime.

Although each developer has their work patterns, many find that using frameworks like Laravel is quicker.

Second, you should be aware that the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture is used by Laravel. Three components make up the architectural pattern known as MVC.

Among them are:

  • Model: the main part of a project that establishes the information and guidelines
  • View: The way the model expresses the facts and logic
  • Controller: The component that directs the operations, transforms them into useful formats, and sends information to the display and model components.

Features of Laravel

  • We must now discuss Laravel's features.
  • Among Laravel's most well-liked features are:
  • Full authentication system: Promotes safe development
  • Object-relational mapping (ORM): Facilitates more effective table use for developers
  • Developers may create applications using this library of modules without having to write any code.
  • Applications are produced, fixed, and tested by developers using a command-line interface (CLI) using pre-made commands.
  • Automated testing: Aids in accelerating the testing process for developers
  • A virtual development environment gives programmers access to all the tools they need to create apps, together with a workspace.


Why Use Laravel for Development?

There are a ton of well-liked PHP frameworks accessible in 2023. Why then does someone choose Laravel? The finest of the numerous advantages that Laravel provides to developers and organizations are outlined here.

Developer Advantages

  • Laravel is user-friendly and responsive.
  • Laravel gives developers access to an integrated toolkit that minimizes the amount of code required.
  • Learning Laravel is simple.
  • With Laravel, the developer can concentrate on the functionality, architecture, and design of their online application.
  • Laravel comes with built-in security and testing capabilities.

Benefits to the Company

  • Applications built using Laravel launch rapidly from design.
  • Mail services are integrated with Laravel.
  • Redis and Memcached are two cache backend systems that Laravel works with.
  • Because of built-in security measures, Laravel websites are shielded from forgeries, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Naturally, investing in your job with a Laravel education is highly recommended.

What Is Laravel Developer?

Using the Laravel framework to contrast projects is the specialty of a Laravel developer. Continue reading if it piques your curiosity. All the information you need to become a Laravel coder is covered in this part.

Let's begin with a query that all new developers have, however.

What is the daily task of a Laravel developer?

What Is the Work of a Laravel Developer?

Using Laravel, Laravel developers spend their working days creating and managing new online apps.

Both solo and group tasks are conducted by Laravel developers.

When you work alone, your time will be divided between debugging, developing code, putting security measures in place, testing, and building your applications piece by piece.

When you collaborate with others, you will spend time discussing user needs, creating the architecture of your application, and evaluating each other’s work.  

A Laravel developer has a wide range of duties.


What Tasks Does a Laravel Developer Perform?

Working as a Laravel developer will include a variety of tasks that call for distinct abilities. These obligations consist of:

Developing New Laravel Web Applications

The framework is used by Laravel developers to create new web apps for their businesses or customers. You will develop a variety of apps as a Laravel programmer, including dynamic, single-page (SPA), multi-page (MPA), static, and portal web applications.

Using Laravel to Maintain Current Web Applications

Not only do Laravel developers construct new apps, but they also maintain existing ones. Laravel developers spend their workdays developing security updates, resolving bugs, and upgrading the application’s functionality to better meet the expectations of users since online applications need regular maintenance.

Tracking and Resolving Coding Problems

Fixing bugs reported by users, other developers, and management is a common task for Laravel developers. Your company will look to you as a Laravel developer to identify these issues, identify the underlying cause, and provide a workaround.

Carrying Out User Interface Testing

When releasing new apps or revamping existing ones, Laravel developers test the user interface. You will need to do manual testing as part of your responsibilities, even though many developers utilize UI testing tools like Parasoft Selenic, Katalon, Mabl, and TestCraft to test their products.

Creating Records

Documentation is created by Laravel developers to assist users with installing, navigating, and using their apps. To facilitate the use of their programs by other developers, they also provide software development documentation.

Depicting the Architecture of Every Web Application

The app’s architecture is planned out by Laravek developers both before and throughout the development phase.

Creating Code

Although Laravel’s pre-designed modules are used by developers to construct web apps, these modules still need coding. As a developer, you will spend some time writing, testing, and running code.

Database Design

The databases used by Laravel developers must be designed, constructed, and maintained. As a Laravel developer, you won’t always deal with databases, but you will sometimes interact with SQL.

What Is the Salary of Laravel Developers?

Being a Laravel developer may be highly profitable since the developer must wear multiple hats at work. As of June 28, 2021, the average salary for a Laravel developer in the United States is $78,584, according to Salary.com.

Since it’s merely an average, you can get a different pay offer from companies. Remember that the full-time Laravel developer’s Salary is between $71,230 and $87,189 while you are interviewing for Laravel employment.

There are many reasons for the variation in Laravel wages. They consist of the developer’s training, years of experience, employer’s size (and profitability if they get bonuses, managerial duties, overtime, and location.

Which Competencies Are Required of a Laravel Developer?

Although each Laravel job has its own set of requirements, all Laravel developers must become proficient in a few key areas. Among them are:

Web Development Proficiency

To construct web apps, Laravel developers need to possess the necessary expertise and experience. Even if you may just write Laravel code, you will also need to comprehend and apply:

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is a tool used by Laravel developers to manage how HTML components are displayed in their online applications. Good design requires CSS.

To ensure a positive user experience, Laravel developers use Javascript to manage how their web application behaves when users interact with it.

Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, is a necessary language for building websites. Laravel developers use HTML to distinguish between various sections of their websites, such as headers, body content, and subheadings.

Database Administration Proficiency

Database creation and management skills are essential for Laravel developers. Additionally, you will need to know how to use database systems like Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.

Framework Skills for Project Management

Laravel developers must have a deep understanding of the procedures involved in creating websites. This involves knowing how to manage development projects using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Even if you are not a project manager, knowing the procedure will still help you organize your workload and collaborate with your team to achieve objectives.

PHP Expertise

Since Laravel makes use of the PHP framework, proficiency in PHP is a must for becoming an effective Laravel framework developer. As many projects still use earlier versions of PHP, it would also be ideal for you to know how to work with variants of the language.

For instance, on January 27, 2021, 72.1% of the WordPress websites hosted by Kinsta were using PHP 7.3, 27.8% were using PHP 7.4, and less than 1% were using PHP 8.0.

  • A pie chart displaying Kinsta-hosted websites' PHP versions
  • PHP versions of websites hosted on Kinsta.
  • Proficiency in Website Design
  • During the workday, Laravel developers create websites and web apps.
  • Of course, you must comprehend the fundamentals of effective web design, such as:
  • How to emphasize key areas of your website using graphic hierarchy

Tips for maintaining the visual attractiveness of your website: be familiar with the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio and how to apply them to web design.

  • How to create a user-friendly website
  • How to Make Good Use of White Space

Understanding of Web Security

The ability to create web apps that are resistant to cyberattacks is a must for Laravel developers. This implies that you will have to comprehend how various types of assaults, such as malware, man-in-the-middle (MITM), cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, operate. Although you don’t have to become a cybersecurity expert, you will need to understand how to build your web application to reduce the likelihood of these assaults.

Understanding of MVC Architecture

Since MVC architecture is the foundation of Laravel, you must comprehend MVC in order to utilize it to create web apps.

How to Work as a Laravel Programmer?

Let’s say you are a seasoned developer seeking a new opportunity. If so, you could already possess a good number of the abilities listed in the section under “What Skills Are Needed to Be a Laravel Developer.”

But you'll have to start from scratch if you're fresh to the field of development.

In light of this, let's discuss how to become an authority in Laravel.

Step 1: Study PHP

You must first become proficient in using PHP to create web apps. We advise beginning your PHP education with a PHP tutorial. A great approach to learning PHP is via tutorials, which will provide you with a thorough understanding of the language and its operation.

After finishing a PHP lesson, you should study the official documentation that PHP developers have produced. This guide will assist you with installing PHP and learning its fundamental grammar.

Throughout your career, you should refer to the handbook since it addresses several commonly asked topics, security, and features related to PHP.

Step 2: Use Online Tutorials to Learn the Fundamentals of Laravel

After that, you should watch several online tutorials to get more knowledge about Laravel. You may learn a lot from the many websites, videos, and podcasts available since Laravel is a popular framework.

During this round of your education, you will also need to go over the official Laravel documentation guide.

You will learn how to install and set up Laravel on your PC by following this tutorial. Just as with the PHP handbook, you should save the Laravel guide to your bookmarks for future reference.

Step 3. To Learn From Your Peers, Become a Member of the Laravel Community

As soon as you begin studying Laravel and PHP, you should become involved in the Laravel community. By reading postings from other community members, you may interact with other people and expand your knowledge and skill set.

Another excellent resource for learning how to think like a developer is the Laravel community. Observing other developers solve problems can help you become more adept at solving them.

The Laravel community offers a variety of avenues for involvement. You may join the most well-liked Laravel forums and subreddits or follow industry experts like Taylor Otwell on social media.

Step 4: Develop Your Skills by Creating Web Applications

Next, you should start developing small-scale Laravel apps to advance your Laravel development abilities. Even while viewing tutorials may teach you a lot, the greatest method to improve your development abilities is via trial and error.

At this point, it would be beneficial if you also began working on a portfolio. Portfolios are a great way to showcase your Laravel abilities to prospective employers, thus it’s a great use of your time.

Simple “about me” sections, a skills list, and up to three of your greatest projects make up the best developer portfolios.

Make sure you provide a description, a live link to the project, and some images showing the developing process for each project you include. This will make your development process more visible to potential employers.

Step 5: Create a CV and Apply to Work as a Laravel Developer

You are prepared to hunt for a job as a Laravel developer after you have honed your abilities and produced a portfolio. At this point, you will need to update your CV to showcase your new abilities.

The following abilities should be included, as we discussed in the part on “What skills are needed to be a Laravel developer”:

  • Web creation
  • Database Administration
  • Project Organizing
  • PHP knowledge
  • Design of websites
  • Understanding about Laravel application development
  • Understanding of web security
  • Understanding of MVC architecture

Any soft talents you possess should also be included in your CV.

Interpersonal and intrapersonal soft skills are what make you more employable. Soft qualities like problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and effective time management are highly valued among Laravel developers.

Now that you have a resume, it is time to apply for employment. Employers searching for Laravel developers utilize job sites such as Laravel-specific ones like LaraJobs, as well as Indeed, glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Monster.

Step 6: Concentrate on Developing Your Laravel Skills Constantly

Finally, in your endeavors as a committed Laravel developer, never stop honing your craft. Always seek feedback from your colleagues, embark on novel and difficult projects, and keep up with Laravel updates if you want to keep your abilities developing.

Requirements for Hiring Developers with Laravel

As a company owner, you must first and foremost be clear about the parameters of your project. Whether your goal is to create a simple webpage or a sophisticated multi-layered application, such as an online store or gateway. Regarding the frontend and backend systems, which are crucial to the project, you want some clarification. Since the MVC paradigm significantly reduces the amount of time needed for project development, an accurate time estimate is crucial. Whether post-deployment assistance is required for your project or not? Focusing on each of these aspects will assist you in determining the degree of Laravel expertise required for your project.

Let's now go to the process of hiring Laravel specialists for your project.

The Hiring Process for a Laravel Developer: A Guide

To put it simply, there are three crucial elements in the process of locating the top Laravel developer.

The following is a list of them:

Establish the Project's Scope, Budget, and Timeline.

Some important factors to take into account include the project scope, overall development budget, total project completion time, and post-project help. For instance, if money is limited, you may need to recruit Laravel developers from nations where the value of their currency is lower than your own. You will get top-notch developers at a much more affordable price if you do this. You need professionals that can start from zero and complete in the shortest amount of time when you are running out of time. In this manner, before to beginning the development team search, you must consider the requirements.

Pay Attention to Creating the Applicant Profile.

Depending on the size of your project, a Laravel developer may provide the necessary benefits. It will assist you in developing the perfect prospect profile to make recruiting simple. In order to help your HR staff identify the ideal candidate for your project, specify the precise position and skill set that the developer must possess. Go to the top Laravel development firm if you are looking to employ a whole team.

Make a Job Description Based on the Qualifications.

You may create a job description for the applicant based on the specifications of the project and the expectations of the organization. Make a list of the soft talents you will need for the project in addition to your technical expertise. This will help to pave the way for progress and boost your trust in the developer. Because candidates that fit the job description may be quickly shortlisted, it will lighten the recruiting team’s workload.

  1. Enumerate the Important Variables.

You must determine whether or not a candidate meets the requirements based on the project requirements. Before choosing the best candidates, there are several things to take into account. As we go, let’s talk about these factors.

Things to Take Into Account before Hiring Laravel Developers

Examine the Applicant's Mastery of Laravel

The most important element is to assess the candidate’s Laravel expertise. Depending on the project, you must assess the candidate's approach, attitude, success rate, and experience. Assess their capacity for problem-solving and sense of teamwork to determine if they can handle sporadic technical or non-technical challenges.

Experience Working on Projects Similar to Yours

It’s important to find out whether potential Laravel developers have expertise with projects similar to yours before hiring them. They will blend in readily if they complete projects with comparable lines of definition. If not, you will have to break up with them and maybe allow them additional time to finish your job. Thus, look into the specialized field, area of experience, and testimonials from prior employers.Individual Interview

Their real work and problem-solving methods should be examined in addition to the theoretical information provided on the CV. This may be accomplished by conducting in-depth interviews. To see whether the applicant can match the necessary technical skill set, ask practical questions based on the project scope. It is essential to ask questions about HTML, JSS, CSS, PHP, OOP, MVC handling, APIs, waterfall models, scrum, and agile techniques.

Soft Skills Are Essential

In technical and non-technical projects alike, cooperation and communication are essential components. To prevent problems later on, you must choose Laravel developers with the appropriate attitude. Assess the candidate’s potential on each of these fronts to determine whether or not they are adaptable enough to take on the assignment.

Client-Focused Methodology

The applicants have to be sufficiently aware of your company’s objectives to craft an effective application. Examine how they handle fulfilling the demands of the clients. Examine their relationship with past clients and the value they brought to those initiatives.

Estimating Costs for the Ideal Applicant

You must realize that hiring a skilled Laravel developer will be more expensive than hiring any random individual. You need to be able to hire an expert if your job calls for one. Estimating the project development cost beforehand will help achieve this. You may choose developers who meet the budget after you have a clear understanding of it. Select from models that are fixed, hourly, weekly, or freelance. Freelancers may not have the commitment needed for the job, despite their low cost. Seek reliable vendors, particularly if you also need post-deployment support services.

Here is a list of some of the most crucial abilities a Laravel developer should possess. These are a handful of the essentials; you may add more after your project.

Total Proficiency with Coding

It is essential to have a command of Laravel and other web development tools. Examine it as soon as you open the resume. Despite having a user-friendly syntax, Laravel requires some coding skills, therefore it may be disastrous to choose a newbie with no or little coding experience.

Database Abilities

A firm grasp of database administration is essential for Laravel developers, regardless of whether they are creating an enterprise application or an e-commerce website. This is how your application will interact with and use the system’s stored data. As a result, confirm that the developer has practical experience with common DBMSs such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.

Concepts of OOP and MVC

Because Laravel employs object-oriented programming and MVC architecture, the developer has to be well-versed in the usage of classes, methods, objects, and other coding principles. All of these things are verifiable during the in-person interview.

Expertise in Web Development

The development team has to be knowledgeable about web development methodologies, tactics, problems, and solutions in addition to the theoretical aspects. To make sure your project meets the standards, they need to have worked on creating online solutions. Request their portfolio and carefully review it. Understanding project management methodologies and systems, such as agile, completion would be beneficial.Soft skills Are Essential

Efficient project management requires a variety of abilities, including problem-solving strategies, creativity, confidence, team spirit, flexibility, effective communication, timeliness, and so on. Please have a look at them in a perfect Laravel developer.


The aforementioned tips will assist you in selecting the top Laravel developer for your website, regardless of your size –start-up or medium-sized business. You must do independent study before selecting the top web development team. Make appropriate plans since it can take a few days to sort everything out.

Mtoag Technology is a Laravel development firm that works on international projects with professionals in the field. Our portfolio serves as evidence that we provide the finest web development services. We coordinate the teams to provide an exceptional online solution once we have a vision.

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