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How to calculate the cost to develop an app like Uber?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber

How to calculate the cost to develop an app like Uber?

Looking to build an app like Uber App cab services? To go forward with the idea, it is essential to know what made Uber App click and about it’s quick to market strategy that propelled it to become the leading taxi hailing service. Thereafter we will understand about the cost calculation for developing the app like Uber. The Uber app cost relies on the development architecture, features, and country-wise developer rates, amongst others. Read on to know more about it…

The Uber App idea that led to a success story

People were facing dissatisfaction with the traditional taxi services the world over. Uber devised a disruptive strategy that would provide outstanding service to people as and when they required it and that too within a few minutes of ordering for a cab. They could also choose the taxi car of their liking and know the cost and distance before booking the ride. The ride charges were also customer friendly and nearly 50% lesser than traditional taxi services. Easy payment options were also available through credit/debit card facility. We offer best Uber Clone App at simple cost.

This also gave rise to immense job opportunities to people in the traditional taxi business as well as car drivers and owners looking to make that extra buck with a convenience of time. This was a new taxi service that clicked instantly with the public who spoke volumes about it on social media, blogs and the print media. Uber app had arrived!

Uber app has an appreciable presence in nearly 80 countries of the world with a user base of 85 million+ users. There is an escalating demand for Uber app clone like web and mobile applications by businesses and start-ups to delve into the flourishing taxicab market. Ola, Careem, Lyft, Gett, Hailo are some of its clone like successful examples in the taxi hailing market today.

The two faces of Uber app

The Uber app consists of 2 separate applications – one for the driver segment and the other for the passenger, naturally both have different functionality features in them:

  • Passenger segment app – for people wanting to book a taxi for commuting
  • Driver segment app – for taxi drivers who get orders and pick you up from your current location and drop you off to your desired destination.

Salient features of the passenger app:

  • Register/Login: User can register via his/her email or through social media login options;
  • Taxi Booking User Interface: this screen enables the user to enter the address for calling a taxi, selecting the vehicle type and entering the locations for pickup and final drop destination;
  • Track Driver/Vehicle Movement: User can track the driver’s location and the route and time he takes to reach you. User can update during or after picking up the ride and can also share details with relatives and friends for a safety aspect; Looking for best taxi app development then contact us.
  • Price Calculator: User can check the estimated fare for taking the ride from pickup point to drop off point according to certain taxi vehicle segment even before ordering;
  • Easy Payment Options: Mode of taxi fare payment is cashless, paid automatically via e-wallets or cash, an invoice is sent to the users on their phone and registered email;
  • Push notifications: Users are kept updated on the taxi order status, time estimated for taxi arrival to pick-up location, car maker, license plate number, car driver with user ratings & drives conducted by the driver, etc.;
  • Messaging: SMS notifications are received by the user on taxi arrival, ride completion & fare calculation keeping in mind internet connectivity issues
  • Ratings &Reviews: Passengers can give a 1 to 5 star rating on ride experience, driver, cleanliness of vehicle, etc.
  • Booking& Transaction History: Passengers can check on their booking & transaction history which are sent to them via email on completion of ride.

Main features of driver app:

  • Register Driver Profile: Driver candidate needs to upload his Photo ID and other documents for verification and approval to conduct operations as an Uber app driver.
  • Status: Driver needs to show online/offline status and time schedule;
  • Booking: Driver has the option to accept/deny the incoming booking order, gets instant information on passenger pickup location and drop off destination, as well as booking/transaction history;
  • Push Notifications: Taxi order alerts, passenger location, payment, route, etc., order updates, route changes, midway stop and trip completion;
  • Navigation: Google Maps or Mapkit, etc. for spot-onver bal route directions to passenger and destination;
  • Cost estimation: Ride fare estimation before taking the ride
  • Reports: Ride reports, passenger reviews, etc.
  • Messaging: SMS & In-app messaging
  • Support: In case of emergency, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion information, etc.

Uber-like App Development Technology

The major factors for Uber app development are:

1). Dedicated Server: you require a dedicated fast processing server to process umpteen passenger booking requests, providing driver orders and other required functions.

2). GPS Location/Route Guidance: Route mapping and pick up location guidance is the next major factor for running a successful Uber app clone business. For device location and navigation, Open Street Map API can be used for both iOS/Android devices. For Android platform you can go with Google Maps and GLS (Google Location Services) API, Mapkit and Core Location gels well with the iOS platform. Backend programming languages sum up with – Python, Java, Node.js, PHP or Ruby on Rails.

3). In-app Payment Integration: The Uber app has an in-app payment facility via credit & debit cards, e-wallets as well as hard cash. Payment gateway merchants such as Paytm, Stripe, BrainTree, &PayPal mobile SDK can be integrated in the Uber app during development phase.

4). Push Notifications Tech Stack: Apple Push for iOS devices & Google Firebase for Android smart phones.

5). SMS Messaging: can go through cloud communication platforms such as Twilio, Tropo, Plivo or Nexmo.

Major Cost Constituents for Uber App Development

Cost of Developing a Taxi Booking App Like Uber in 2022
The cost estimation of your Uber App is dependent on the below given structure that can be considered as the major cost constituents for Uber app-like development.

  • Backend development

    The backend infrastructure will connect the various elements for streamlining the process is the backbone structure of the Uber app. The app’s core can be created using either Python, JavaScript, PHP for interlinking passenger and user interfaces. Scalable database systems will be incorporated for efficient data storage.

  • Web development

    An Admin web application desktop panel will be developed to manage the various processes such as passenger interaction, monitoring drive routes and drivers, payment, transaction history and other data.

  • Cross platform app development or Native app development (Android/iOS)

    The app development platform that you decide upon will define the cost of the Uber app development.

  • User Friendly Design

    A visually engaging, contemporary yet simple design will increase user friendliness with the Uber app

  • Seamless Management and Quality Assurance

    Automated process for efficient and seamless management of the Uber taxi app with minimal human interference, while maintaining stringent quality assurance parameters.

Cost Estimation

The development hourly rate varies location wise i.e. UK/US – USD100-150; Europe – USD 40-80; & Asia – USD 20-40. Taking into consideration an intermediate development rate for Uber like app, it could work out to USD 50-60 per hour.

 iOS applicationAndroid applicationApp for both platforms
QA / PM$05.000$06.000$13.000
Web Admin Panel$05.000$08.000$13.000
Total cost (approx.)$55.000$70.000$115-125.000

Summarizing the above aspects, Uber app mobile development and web admin panel for iOS & Android platform works out to approximately USD 115 – 125 k. However, depending upon further addition of complex features, the costs may escalate accordingly.


Mtoag Technologies has been in the forefront in web and mobile application development since more than a decade. If you are interested in getting an app developed like Uber app, you are at the right place for it. You can request for a No-obligation cost & time estimation for your Uber app development. Our development hourly rates range from USD 20-30. We can be reached via email or phone. 

Yogesh Pant

Yogesh Pant is a CEO and founder of Mtoag Technologies, a Top mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development.

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