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Citymapper: Reviews, Advantages, and Alternatives


Everyone needs help with commuting. Whether daily commuting to work or traversing a metropolis to reach your goal, almost everyone needs help with using public transportation. Can Citymapper make transit navigation more straightforward and more efficient than it does on its own? Learn more right now. 

Millions of individuals struggle daily to get from their homes to their places of employment, particularly those who reside in cities with many transit alternatives. Because, let’s face it, the transportation systems in today’s cities are so intricately designed that they often resemble mazes. 

Larger cities may offer many bus stops, rail stations, and metro lines to help you reach your location. How do you determine which is the fastest, easiest to use, or least expensive? 

The transportation software Citymapper positions itself as the answer, offering a map of your city to help you choose the most efficient path to your destination. So, how effectively can Citymapper perform its duties? Read on to find out whether Citymapper lives up to the hype. 

What is Citymapper? 

Citymapper is a mapping and navigation program that shows you the best way to go from one place in a supported city to another. If you reside in a big city with plenty of transportation options, like London or Edinburgh, Citymapper may make your commute less stressful. 

Since its launch in 2011, Citymapper has reached 80 cities and metropolitan regions globally. It helps users navigate intricate public transit networks by combining real-time data with careful route planning. 

Former Google employee Azmat Yusuf established Citymapper. Yusuf claims that his idea came to him when he was having trouble commuting by bus in London. The firm needed a marketing budget when it first started. Said growth was driven by the app’s real users, who thought it was helpful and easy to use. 

Overview of the Navigation Apps Market

The market statistics make the growing popularity even more evident given all the advantages we have discussed. Let's examine the same in more detail:

By 2027, the navigation market is expected to have grown by 10.35% in total revenue or $2.15 billion in volume. China is setting the standard, followed closely by a large number of other nations, including those in Europe, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Germany, and other regions.


The navigation industry is expected to see growth in paid app income due to an increase in app development. In summary, we want to convey that these applications are becoming more popular and that users are using them often. This is all because of their incredible features, which include traffic information display, efficient routing choices, and cluster integration.

How to Use Citymapper to Get Started 

To begin using Citymapper, download and install the app on your smartphone. You can get Citymapper from their website, the Apple Store, or the Google Play Store. On the main screen, a blue dot indicates your position. Under the map, you can see all of the local transit choices. 

You may save daily destinations in the commuting section. You should store your home and workplace addresses in this area. You may bookmark not only places but also journeys. This will enable you to compare the most successful methods and make decisions more quickly in the future. 

Once you’ve selected your location, Citymapper will show you the fastest route there—by rail, bus, or cab, for that matter. It will also indicate the distance you need to walk to reach your destination. It also calculates the overall cost of the trip and the number of calories you expend!

Who Is Able to Use Citymapper? 


The most significant users of Citymapper are individuals who are moving to a new city or who are locals in need of assistance finding transit routes. For example, let’s say you’re a resident of a small city or a rural location.

You'll be sad to hear that Citymapper may not be accessible in such a situation. 

What We Enjoyed About Citymapper?


More Precise City Information 

The program uses more than simply publicly available local government data. Additionally, it gathers information from many sources and merges it to correct errors. Citymapper employees also make real-time route adjustments. 

You will be informed immediately if there are any delays in your arrival or departure. It will display the duration of each route as well as the arrival time of your next bus or train. 

It's Free of Cost

Citymapper is available for free on iOS and Android. Citymapper is all-inclusive, unlike Google and Apple Maps, which concentrate primarily on driving and walking excursions. 

Trains, ferries, trams, and almost every other kind of public transit mentioned in your city may all be tracked using Citymapper’s capabilities. Whatever your destination, Citymapper provides you with the optimal path, even if you’re caught in the subway system or require a detailed bike route. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Google Maps may provide much more information and cover many more cities. Still, Citymapper is the most excellent option if you only need an app to simplify getting to your location. The most amazing app to use to find directions is Citymapper. It will provide you with a thorough, step-by-step roadmap for getting from point A to point B. Which entry and exit are specified for utilization? It will notify you when you arrive at your stop to ensure you get it. 

Cost alternatives 

Citymapper can give you an idea of the cost of the various available transit alternatives. It even covers the price of ride-sharing programs such as Uber. 

Travel Statistics

The trip statistics that Citymapper provides for each journey you take may be the program's most excellent feature. Citymapper is the only navigation app that calculates the number of calories and money saved by walking or cycling. 

They will even calculate the amount of carbon dioxide you will reduce when you walk or ride your bike!


Using Citymapper will inspire you to support sustainability and green living. You’ll discover that It makes commuting significantly easier—so much so that you’ll wind yourself up using the metro rather than your car. Additionally, the software promotes walking and cycling wherever it is feasible. 

What We Found Weaknesses of Citymapper?

It Doesn't Function in Most Situations 

In contrast to other mapping applications, Citymapper is only sometimes compatible.

It is only accessible in large cities with a variety of transit choices. Therefore, you can’t depend on the app to be helpful if you’re traveling somewhere distant or rural or often travel for work. 

Does Citymapper Make Sense?

Of course!

As an alternative to Apple or Google Maps, Citymapper is a fantastic travel and transportation tool. The only issue we could find was that they don’t function everywhere globally, but that is still being worked on. 

It's entertaining to observe how using Citymapper's statistics to track transit use has paid off!

A rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • Options for Accurate and Real-Time Navigation
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Calorie-Counting Durable 
  • No cost app


  • Not all cities are covered

The Best Alternatives to Citymapper That You Should Know

Like Citymapper, several top transportation applications have gained popularity among users. Here are a few noteworthy instances:

Google Maps

Integrating Google Maps API w/ Angular 7+ | by Jocelyn Keung | Medium

Google Maps is at the top of the list of applications similar to Citymapper. 

You can always trust anything Google supports; this navigation app is no exception. It makes Navigation easier and guarantees that you will arrive at your destination. Its success has led to several incredible features, including the 360-degree street map it provides. 

It also provides comprehensive instructions, traffic updates, real-time information, public transit information, and much more. The finest aspect? It has an incredibly user-friendly layout and covers a large variety of cities. 


  • Accurate Mapping: Google Maps is renowned for its accurate data, which is available in many different parts of the world. 
  • Offline Navigation: You may utilize a map of specific locations to navigate when offline. 
  • Save location to review later: You may see your location at a later time by using the "save" option.

Apple Maps 


A user-accessible service provided by Apple Inc.

It has numerous incredible features, like simple and elegant UI, easy location input, and a fast menu option from the bottom of the screen. It was designed specifically for Apple devices. 

It is a well-known transportation application similar to CityMapper and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For a seamless experience, make sure you utilize Apple Maps if you own an Apple product. 


  • Lane Guidance: You may verify the lane advice before turning for intricate interchanges. 
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: For driving, walking, cycling, and public transit, you may get real-time instructions with voice guidance. 
  • Real-Time Traffic Updates: Be aware of accidents, traffic jams, and road closures to plan ahead for any delays. 

Organic Maps

The Hiking Club partners with Organic Maps — The Hiking Club

Among transit applications similar to Citymapper, Organic Maps is a well-known brand.

Citymapper app with organic maps among other apps, we think Organic Maps is the best option for travelers, tourists, bikers, and hikers. This program is a feature-rich substitute for popular location-tracking and map applications like Google Maps. 

The app gained users' confidence by emphasizing privacy and providing an essential user experience that emphasizes usability and simplicity. 

It is also one of the few apps that allows you to use all of its capabilities without an active internet connection, and it is free. 


  • Public Transportation Integration: Using OpenStreetMap, users may add and amend data to improve the accuracy of mapping. 
  • Offline Navigation: the software allows users to download maps and provides excellent offline Navigation. 
  • User Privacy: Besides offering the best mobile app security, they respect user privacy by not tracking users’ whereabouts. 


Moovit - Tricks of the APP

One of the best urban mobility apps, Moovit, can solve all of your travel problems.

Many regions of the globe are challenging to tour by transportation, but not with the Moovit Cotymapper App. Like other excellent Citymapper Alternatives, it is a fantastic transit app offering real-time information, route planning, and navigation features. 

With its easy-to-use and straightforward layout, it has made travel to over 930 million people's destinations in 3400 cities effortless.


  • Virtual Payment: Using the app, you may quickly buy rail tickets and authenticate your digital pass. 
  • Live Navigation: Find your way with ease. See how long it will take to arrive. Get notifications when it’s time to get off. 
  • Use AR: With "Way Finder," use augmented reality to find the location of your bus or rail stop.



"OsmAnd" is necessary for the list to be complete.

The OsmAnd Citymapper app is a map and navigation tool that provides offline maps and navigational tools for practical travel. 

OsmAnd has map-centric layouts like comparable programs with easily recognizable icons and more straightforward controls. Additionally, the app provides a variety of view settings, such as night and day modes, for the best visibility. 

All things considered, it is one of the best Citymapper for Android & iOS substitutes, and you ought to give it a shot on your next travels.


  • Accessibility: This plugin enables blind and visually impaired individuals as well. 
  • Offline Navigation: It provides users with the ability to download and retrieve maps using offline navigation tools. 
  • Mapping Accuracy: The app is well renowned for its thorough and community-driven mapping accuracy.



WeGo Maps is one of the applications similar to Citymapper that you should try.

It would help if you took advantage of this excellent combination of maps and maritime services. It is an excellent illustration of app development that offers expanded map views, including traffic, transportation, and satellite imagery.

With its fantastic features, the platform provides a superior experience with an easy-to-read UI. One outstanding feature is that you can view maps offline by downloading the app, which is extremely useful for places with poor coverage.

All in all, it's a fantastic tool for finding, searching, and exploring exciting locations.


  • Social Media Integration: Sharing content with friends or followers on social media is straightforward.
  • Navigate when offline: Additionally, it is simple to browse even in the absence of an online connection.
  • Improved privacy and flexibility: You have total control over your data and can navigate it in real-time.


The trip to learn how Citymapper achieved this incredible achievement was intriguing. The most crucial need for a fantastic app is probably something you already know, but we keep saying it. The foundation of any strategy is creating an app that enables consumers to quickly and easily get the information they need. If you are able to finish this phase, the others will undoubtedly follow, resulting in your consumers appreciating your effort.

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